Fredensborg - The castle town at Lake Esrum

Photo: Ann Jørgensen

Fredensborg is a lively castle town that has developed around Fredensborg Palace, that this year can celebrate its 300 years. The palace is a true gem in North Sealand and one of the Danish Royal Family’s favourite homes.

Esrum Sø
Photo: Tine Uffelmann
Fredensborg Slot
Photo: Ann Jørgensen

Fredensborg Castle, Castle Park and changing of the guard

If you have blue blood in your veins, go to Fredensborg. The old palace and commercial town has a very special cultural heritage in store for you. Here you will find falconers training the flying skills of birds of prey, hop on the boat and visit Fredensborg Palace and take a stroll in the Royal Palace Gardens that have been restored for 10 years and have won international acclaim.

Fredensborg is situated between Hillerød and Helsingør surrounded by a forest and a lake. The town’s main attraction is Fredensborg Palace where you can stroll around Denmark’s largest and finest baroque garden which is an important part of the Danish cultural heritage. Last year it won international acclaim and was given The European Heritage Award for the thorough restoration of Fredensborg Palace Garden.

A very special attraction in the Palace Gardens is Nordmandsdalen with its 70 sandstone statues of Norwegian and Faroese farmers and fishermen. If HM The Queen is residing at the palace, the Queen’s Guard has a daily change of guards at 12 o’clock, while the corps of drums parade through town every Thursday to the palace with pipes and drums.

The dining experiences

You will find great eateries in Fredensborg. Madkollektivet Naboskaber, which is a modern community centre, forms the setting for parties or jazz for children, champagne dinners and baking events around Christmas on selected dates – and
every Wednesday at 6 pm you can enjoy communal dining at Madkollektivet.

If you prefer market place atmosphere, you should visit the charming Summer Country Market offering local produce. Relax on the sofa with a good cup of coffee or peruse all the delicate specialities and buy local produce to bring home for dinner. In Fredensborg you will find a lot of tasty treats and eateries like shop community No. 16 at Fredensborg Store Kro and Skipperhuset.

Events and sights

For the time of your life, drive to Falkonergården with its fascinating universe of birds of prey with the most lovely views of Esrum Lake. Here the professional falconers cooperate with falcons, American buzzards and steppe eagles for an
amazing display regardless of the weather – so remember to bring rainwear and warm clothes.

You can also swing by the charming, old harbours Sørup Harbour and Fredensborg Harbour and take a walk by the sea. For a boat trip, hop on Bådfarten Esrum Sø, departing from Skipperhuset which offers a beautiful boat trip on the lake to Dronningens Bøge passing the Palace Gardens.

When you are done, stop by for great ice cream at Sørup Is, a stone’s throw away from the harbour. Here they also serve coffee and homemade cakes and cookies that you can enjoy inside or outside in their little, charming courtyard with views of Esrum Lake and the Palace Gardens.

Are you in the mood for shopping?

Only two minutes walk from Fredensborg Palace, you will find the shopping street in Fredensborg, where you should take a stroll if you enjoy shopping. The pedestrian street, Jernbanegade, connects the Palace with the city centre, with varied commercial life and many speciality shops and supermarkets. On Slotsgade, there are views of beautiful historic houses and gardens, and here you find Fredensborg Store Kro.




Blomster, mand og shoppinggade

Fredensborg shopping

Photo: Tine Uffelmann

Practical information

Here you will find useful information for planning and use during your vacation. 

Find opening hours at the tourist information, plan your holiday, see the map of the city, how to get around by public transport, read the large holiday magazine for North Sealand, and where to rent a bike. Get answers to this and more here.