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Nivå Walking Route - Rhododendrons and brickwork history

Explore Nivå through the small streets and paths known only to the locals on this 6,5 km hike.

Just a few steps from the station, a world of cultural and scenic experiences opens up, which you might not immediately expect.

Start from the station and walk through the small roads between houses built of yellow brick and blooming gardens. A bit further ahead, a charming little stone bridge leads over the Nivå stream.

Visit the Nivaagaard Collection

The next stop could be the Nivaagaard Painting Collection, which houses an impressive collection of European Baroque, Renaissance, and Danish Golden Age art. Take a break, perhaps have lunch, in the museum's café with a view of the beautiful park filled with thousands of blooming rhododendrons (blooming in May-June). Here, you walk through the rhododendron garden down to a nature trail towards Nivå Strandenge. Take a small detour and follow the signs to Nivaagaard's Brickworks Ring Oven, which is the world's oldest ring oven of its kind and a spectacular piece of architecture.

Tour Facts

  • Start: Nivå Station
  • Length: 6.5 km
  • Surface: Asphalt and gravel
  • Part of the route is on a gravel road, which may be slippery after rain.
  • Bring some water and food, there is the opportunity to eat at Nivå harbour.
  • Suitable for: Adults and children
  • Signage: No
  • Toilet: Nivå harbour
  • Season: All year round
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Nature reserve at the beach meadow

The meadow in front of the museum is a nature reserve where, on a good day, you can spot flocks of waders and other water birds resting here on their long journey north or south.

Nivå Harbor is one of the former clay pits which now accommodate hundreds of sailboats and motorboats. In addition to the clubhouses for the various water sports clubs, there is a restaurant and a café here with a view of the harbour and the Øresund Bridge. The beach park is popular with locals who appreciate the child-friendly shallow beach.

Gammel Strandvej with the large villas

After the harbour, a path runs along another former clay pit. Follow it and you will come out on Gammel Strandvej with its impressive large villas. Follow the path through Lave Skov, a small hilly forest area.

Once again, you meet Gammel Strandvej and follow it past another clay pit. This one too is filled with water and provides a habitat for plants, animals, and birds. Locals report seeing the rare kingfisher here several times.

At the intersection near Anton's (the bakery), head up to Nivå Station.

Where to eat

Nivaagaard's Painting Collection's café
Restaurant Sletten, Sletten

Experiences on the way

Nivaagaard Teglværks Ringovn
Bird tower at Nivå beach meadows

If you want to stay overnight

Nivå Camping
Nivå harbour