Unikke Mødesteder i Nordsjælland

Unique Meeting Places in North Zealand

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Conferences, meetings, and events in North Zealand

Find inspiration at Unique Meeting Places for the perfect venue for your next meeting or event. In North Zealand, you can choose from castles and manors for life's grand celebrations, places where you can host many, and meeting facilities are top-notch.

You can also challenge yourself and consider whether the next meeting might be entirely different. Perhaps you'll finalize next year's strategy around a bonfire in a teepee or after landing from a kayaking trip?

One thing you can be sure of is that all meeting places put effort into their hospitality, use local and seasonal ingredients, and prioritize sustainability.

Where to meet?


There is a wide selection of meeting and conference facilities in North Zealand, ranging from well-organized classic venues to more unique and unconventional places. These spaces are suitable for both traditional meetings and conferences, as well as alternative and inspiring workshops or business events. We have made it easy for you to choose the meeting venue that precisely fits your needs, and there are plenty of options to explore just below 👇

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Let´s meet at the Danish Riviera

The Danish Riviera stretches from Humlebæk in the east, passing through Helsingør, Gilleleje, and Tisvildeleje, and ending at the cliffs in Hundested. Here, you experience the unique atmosphere of the coast; some places have a raw landscape, while locals walk in striped bathrobes along the thatched fisherman houses to the sea, swimming – all year round. Common to the coastline is the special light that adds something extra to your meeting, whether held at a modern art museum or a classic beach hotel.

Feel the whisper of history

If you want your guests to leave with a special memory, hold your meeting at one of the historic castles, a monastery, a cannon foundry, or an inn with the King as a neighbour. Places where you can feel the history in the walls are unique to North Zealand. You also get some outdoor settings as a gift that can add an extra touch to your event.

When you need to accommodate many

Sometimes you need many people around the table, and perhaps you also need colleagues from other parts of the country online. Then choose one of the large and established meeting places in North Zealand. Your wishes will never be in vain here. This is also where you find the venues with the largest accommodation capacity.

Break time

Even if the schedule is tight, remember to give your meeting guests a good long break so they can digest both the professional content and the good food. Use what we excel at in North Zealand: creating memorable experiences. Unleash guests in an Escape Room, or dare to send them to sea on a SUP? If you prefer a wine tasting and a walk in the vineyard, you can find that too. You might also be surprised at who's the coolest on an MTB.

Time to celebrate?

For life's major milestones, the setting must be truly special, and hospitality must be top-notch. For weddings, castles and manors are perfect for celebrating love. For milestone birthdays and confirmations, places where you can leave your mark may be best. But common to all of them is that the setting will help create memories for a lifetime.

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Business Developer | Head of the Tourism Network | Contact for Gribskov