Tothaven Besøgsbondegård i Hundested
Klap en Fisk på Hundested

Children's Experiences in North Zealand: Adventure for the Whole Family

Photo:Birk Feilberg&Nikolaj Danielsen

Events for Children in Denmark

Experiences and activities for children in North Zealand - we welcome you with open arms. It's all about making your holiday here fun, entertaining, and challenging, and perhaps you'll learn something new.

We excel in the combination of play and learning. Unleash your imagination and play your way into history at Frederiksborg Castle or discover an underwater world on the adventure platform at the harbour in Hundested.

Children are taken seriously at Louisiana's Children's Wing, where activities at child height are based on current exhibitions. And creativity is in full swing at Hundested Sandskulptur Park, where they can try their hand at creating their own art pieces.

For letting the kids burn off some energy, there are plenty of excellent nature playgrounds, some even equipped with tables and benches for an outdoor picnic. Get more ideas here for a fantastic vacation for children – ensuring both the little and big ones are happy.

Mysterious Sea Animals and Cute Little Piglets

Children love animals and experiences involving them. In North Zealand, you can enjoy them both on the water and land. Witness the fascinating maritime life beneath the surface at the Adventure Platform in Hundested, take a camel ride, or pet a pig or kitten at the visiting farm.

Gilleleje Labyrinten

Navigate through the labyrinth of North Zealand in Gilleleje

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Photo: Tine Uffelmann

Every summer you can hop on one of the old heritage trains that train enthusiasts have repaired in their spare time. The train operates on the route from Græsted to Gilleleje and onwards to Hornbæk and Helsingør.

Culture For Kids

In North Zealand, children discover an exciting world of culture tailored to their curious minds. Knud Rasmussen's House in Hundested takes children and young people on a journey through the fascinating life and adventures of the polar explorer. Here, children can experience the Arctic world and gain insight into Knud Rasmussen's incredible expeditions.

Nivaagaard Collection invites children into the enchanting universe of art. With an impressive collection of artworks from different periods, children can explore colours, shapes, and stories through the eyes of art.

The Gunpowder Museum in Frederiksværk offers a different cultural experience where children can explore the history behind the city's industrial development. The interactive approach in the Gunpowder Museum makes it an educational place for children to understand the past and its significance for the present.

Museum Nordsjælland provides a wide range of cultural experiences for children. Through interactive exhibitions and educational activities, history comes to life, allowing children to immerse themselves in the rich cultural heritage of the region.

Water and Sand in North Zealand

Sometimes all it needs to make the children happy is water and sand. Fantastic child-friendly sandy beaches where the water low makes the best playground. Here, you can build sandcastles, dig channels, and find beautiful stones and seashells. Most of the beaches have lifeguards during the high season.

At the Castle Lake in Hillerød and Arresø, you can go sailing with the Little Ferry (the Castle Lake) or Frederikke (Arresø).