The Largest Sandbox: Take the Kids on an Adventure in Hundested

Photo: Nikolaj Danielsen

Put on your shoes and embark on a family adventure in Hundested, Denmark. Explore the marvelous sand sculptures in Hundested Sand Sculpture Park, let the kids craft their own in the sandbox, indulge in ice cream, and relish delectable dishes at the harbour's cosy restaurants.

1. Hundested Sand Sculpture Park

The adventure awaits at Hundested Harbour: Hundested Sand Sculpture Park. As soon as you step through the park's gate, the enormous sand sculptures rise before you. 

Run and walk among the sculptures, each year featuring a new theme, and see which adventures and mythical figures you can discover. Over the years, visitors have seen crafty dragons, enchanting mermaids, spine-chilling dementors, and many-armed octopuses.

 A dinosaur made of sand smiles in Hundested Sand Sculpture Park.

Bring your children to Hundested Sand Sculpture Park and show them all the fun and quirky figures in the sand.Photo:Nikolaj Danielsen

2. Sandbox for the Children

After wandering among the sand sculptures and gathering inspiration, it's time to visit the sandbox. Here, your children can play and build sculptures themselves. Everything they need, from shovels to buckets to molds, is provided—and they might even make a few new friends while building, as the sandbox is always popular.

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3. Souvenir Shop and Ice Cream

At some point, you might want a refreshment, and you can head to the café in Hundested Sand Sculpture Park. There, you can quench your thirst with coffee, beer, soft drinks, and more, and if you fancy, treat the family to ice cream or cake.

The little ones can also use their hard-earned pocket money to buy a small souvenir in the shop: Here, both children and adults can find everything from fishing nets and stuffed animals to posters and season passes

 In the shop at Hundested Sand Sculpture Park, you can buy souvenirs.

Let the kids have ice cream in the café and find cosy souvenirs in the shop at Hundested Sand Sculpture Park in Denmark.Photo:Nikolaj Danielsen

4. Dine at Halsnæs Bryghus or Restaurant Havfruen

If you haven't brought lunch or dinner with you, treat yourselves to a meal at one of Hundested Harbour's family-friendly eateries. Try Restaurant Havfruen, serving fish fillets and build-your-own burgers for the kids. Or visit Halsnæs Bryghus, where the little ones can have meatballs or plaice while the grown-ups enjoy a specialty beer.

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5. Pat a Fish on the Way Home

Still have some energy left in the late afternoon? Then stop by the "Pat a Fish" experience platform. In the harbour's basins, freshly caught fish swim around, and children can touch them—for free. ...And if you're too tired, you can save it for next time you're in Hundested.

At Hundested Harbour, children can pet fish and crabs for free.

At the "Pat a Fish" experience platform, you can dip your fingers in the water and touch the small, freshly caught fish and crabs swimming around—for free. Photo:Tine Uffelmann

6. How to Get to Hundested by Train

Hundested Sand Sculpture Park is located in the western part of North Zealand, and there are trains (almost) right to the doorstep. From Copenhagen, take the S-train to Hillerød. There, transfer to the local train and get off at the second-to-last station, Hundested Station. From there, it's less than 10 minutes' walk to the park.

Tip: Hundested Sand Sculpture Park is also fun for the little ones, but it's best suited for ages 3 and up.