North Zealand's sights gathered in one place

Photo:Tine Uffelmann&Nikolaj Danielsen

A must when visiting North Zealand

The culture. The history. The coast. Nature. This is the short version. However, behind the words, you find lots of experiences which will long be remembered. 

The palaces, castles and the old medieval monastery are more than just bricks. They are iconic places where history becomes alive and unfolds through role-plays, festivals and events. 

From the history, you step unhindered into the present and the future when entering museums for modern art while having your finger on the pulse, ground-breaking architecture and innovative electronic festivals.


Design and architecture

Photo: Backhaus-Brown

Art and cultural experiences

You can dive into Danish history by visiting the royal castles, which open doors to a world of pomp, splendour, grandeur, and decay. Experience compelling stories of destiny and an exceptional cultural heritage. The castle gardens, serving as green cultural havens, are open to all, offering garden art and inspiration to every gardening enthusiast. The proximity to Copenhagen and its diverse nature has always attracted artists and creative souls.

This area is unique with its significant concentration of art and cultural experiences. Here, you can encounter international icons in modern art and architecture and be surprised by distinguished art collections. Explore small, fascinating galleries and visit talented craftsmen who open their workshops.

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Don´t miss this

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Photo: Ann Jørgensen

Taste North Zealand

Do not forget the most important part: Remember to taste North Zealand. The local food manufacturers deliver fresh nourishing products with a lot of taste cultivated and grown with respect for the trade and animal welfare. Find them in farm shops, in autumn markets and selected restaurants.    

Experiences in nature

Find peace or be active in nature - the nature and cultural landscapes in North Zealand are rich and varied. Here, you find kilometres of unspoiled stretches of coast, deep forests with hundred-year-old trees, open spaces, big lakes, plantations and heathery hills.

The possibilities to go in for your favourite sports whether it is cycling, hiking, fishing, sea kayaking, surfing or philosophizing while lying in the hammock are plenty.

For couples and children

Are you going on holiday with your loved one or a friend your wishes? Then your expectations are probably different from the expectations of families with children. On the other hand, parents with children want to make sure that there are plenty of activities and fun for the children. We have made it easy for you – you only have to choose.