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Langstrupstien - Cycling from Fredensborg to Nivå

The Langstrup Trail takes you from Fredensborg through villages and forests to the marshlands of Nivå by the Øresund. 

Along the way, you'll pass historical sites such as a bridge from the 17th century and the former fjord, Langstrup Mose. Don't miss a visit to the Nivaagaard Collection and Nivaagaard Brickworks with the world's oldest preserved ring kiln.

The journey begins here

The Langstrup Trail follows paths and country roads from Fredensborg through small villages, forests, and open landscapes to the marshlands at the mouth of the Nivå River in the Øresund, all amidst the National Park Kongernes Nordsjælland.

From Fredensborg Station, you ride on a fine cycle path to Knurreborg Vang and further on the beautifully winding "Hungarian Ring Road," which was made by refugees from Hungary in the 1950s. The bridge carrying Rolandsvej over the Nivå River is one of the country's oldest (circa 1600).

Continuing through the village of Langstrup

Cycle further through the village of Langstrup and onto the long straight road along Langstrup Mose, an area that was once a shallow fjord stretching about four kilometres inland. At Jellebro, the Langstrup Trail is led under the motorway. The trail now follows the Nivå River into the peaceful valley, and where the Nivå River runs under Gl. Strandvej, there is a nice "picnic area" with tables and benches.

A cultural detour to the Nivaagaard Collection

Take a cultural detour and visit the Nivaagaard Collection with its impressive collection of European baroque, Renaissance, and Danish Golden Age art. Relax in the café with a view of the large park with thousands of beautiful rhododendrons.

Nivaagaard Brickworks - World's oldest ring kiln

Back to the Langstrup Trail and to Nivaagaard Brickworks where the large ring kiln stands preserved as the world's oldest of its kind. The excavation of clay for brick production has shaped the landscape around Nivå, and the old clay pits have become artificially created lakes surrounded by a controlled wilderness with rich birdlife.

After visiting Nivaagaard Brickworks, cycle along Gl. Strandvej and to the right, up Nivå Stationsvej to Nivå Station.

Facts about the tour

  • Start: Fredensborg Station
  • Length: 15 km Surface: Asphalt and gravel
  • Suitable for: Children and adults
  • Signage: Langstrupstien
  • Toilet: Fredensborg and Nivå Station, Nivaagaard Collection
  • Season: March - November
  • Find the interactive map via the QR code above

What to see

  • The Nivaagaard Collection, Nivå
  • Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebæk
  • Nivaagaard Brickworks Ring Kiln, Nivå

Where to eat

  • Country Market, Fredensborg
  • Restaurant Skipperhuset, Fredensborg
  • The Nivaagaard Collection, Nivå
  • Linds Café, Humlebæk
  • Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebæk

Where to stay

  • Hotel Store Kro, Fredensborg
  • Fredensborg Camping, Fredensborg
  • Nivå Camping, Nivå