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Step into the Fredensborg Palace Garden - a walk for everyone, both two- and four-legged adventurous souls

Take your family on a journey through the Fredensborg Palace Garden. You'll experience the best of the best on this 5 km walk, starting in front of Fredensborg Palace and following the shores of Lake Esrum to the back of the palace, continuing along the Chancellor's House and back.

Along the way, there are several spots to enjoy a picnic or have a cup of coffee or delicious ice cream served. During the tour, you'll be presented with the history of why the palace and its accompanying garden have been the royal family's preferred summer residence for 300 years.

You'll start the walk at the Royal North Zealand National Park info centre in the Waffle House to the right of the entrance to Fredensborg Palace.

Tour Facts:

  • Surface: Solid gravel paths, asphalt on Skipper's Alley, and the path to Nordmandsdalen.
  • The route is 5 km and gently undulating along Skipper's Alley and to Nordmandsdalen, otherwise primarily flat.
  • The tour suits all ages, and dogs are welcome on a leash.
  • When the private part of the Palace Garden, called the Reserved Garden, is open to the public, your dog is also welcome here, just not in the Herb Garden. Cycling is prohibited in the Palace Garden, except on Skipper's Alley.
  • Along the way are information boards about Lake Esrum, Fredensborg Palace, and the Parforce Hunting System at both ends of Skipper's Alley and Kongebroen (Knight´s Bridge)
  • Signage: The tour is not signposted.
  • Download a map of the tour.
  • Restrooms: There are accessible restrooms at the National Park Kings of North Zealand info centre, where the tour starts and ends. They are open from 8 am to 10 pm.
  • Season: The Palace Garden is open year-round, with access 24/7.
  • The Reserved Garden is only open when the palace is not inhabited during the summer vacation.
  • In snowy weather, bring a sledge; there are good sledging hills at Nordmandsdalen and north of the parterre.
  • The best bathing spot is at Sørup. Tour Description and Points of Interest

Walk down towards Lake Esrum on the asphalted road, Skipper's Alley – but be careful; bicycles travel at high speeds here! Halfway down Skipper's Alley, follow the sign to the right towards Nordmandsdalen to see the exquisite collection of 70 sandstone statues.

King Frederik V had them made after he met a local postman who had carved small wooden figures of ordinary people he had encountered on his way. The two pavilions standing on each side of the installation make it perfect to sit down and admire the many details of the statues.

Restaurant Skipperhuset

Return to Skipper's Alley and continue to the lake, where Chalup House and Skipper's House stand by the lakeside. Both houses testify to when the king's boats could dock in dry weather, and the skipper had his residence. Today, the vessels of Boat Tours and some smaller boats of the Royal Family find shelter here. The skipper's residence now houses the unique Restaurant Skipperhuset, Snow & Water canoe, kayak, and SUP rental.

Don't miss a visit to Sørup and Fredensborg Harbor about 100 meters south of Skipper's House. Sørup has many thatched houses, two harbours, and Sørup Ice Cream & Coffee House. At Fredensborg Harbor, you'll also find a bathing bridge. After the visit, return to Skipper's Alley, walk about 50 meters up the road, and turn left, so you'll walk along Lake Esrum in a northern direction.

Kongebroen (Knight´s Bridge)

The first stop is at King's Bridge. Here, the story unfolds about the connection of the kings to Lake Esrum and Gribskov, and you'll see the lines of the Parforce Hunting System, which are evident in both Gribskov and Store Dyrehave. The royal family used the two Eremitage pavilions, which the locals call the Tea Houses, to entertain guests.

Continue along the lake until the end of the Palace Garden. The path takes a turn at the small summerhouse, and you continue along the edge of the Palace Garden to the large grassy area called the parterre. Here, you turn right towards the palace. Along the way, you can enjoy the beautiful sculptures. Arriving at the palace's garden facade, you'll see the seven paths radiating from a semicircle. These are characteristic of the strict style of the Baroque era.

Palace Church and Emperor's Villa

Turn left along the Palace Church and right, following the path along the palace's side. When you reach the row of houses, turn right along the Chancellor's House garden down to the red gates, where the tour ends. The last house before the red gates is the Emperor's Villa. One of the palace's regular guests, Russian Tsar Alexander, lived here. He wanted his house to have some privacy during his visits with his Danish Empress Dagmar.

Time for shopping and a bite to eat

Back in Fredensborg town, it's time to stroll through the charming pedestrian street, Jernbanegade. The street's cafes offer all sorts of delights for the palate, and the town's shops are filled with local products, flowers, books, and decorative items.