Humlebæk - The home town of Louisiana

Photo: Ann Jørgensen

A city of culture on the Sound with one of the world’s finest art museums.

Humlebæk havn
Photo: Ann Jørgensen
Humlebæk Kirsebærallé
Photo: Tine Uffelmann

Most people associate Humlebæk with the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, and with good reason. That’s because the museum is considered to be one of the world’s most excellent art museums, with the capacity and reputation to attract international exhibitions and artists of a very high standard.

The museum’s architecture is designed in accordance with the landscape towards the Sound, and its sculpture park presents an unparalleled view of the Sound. Simply put, Louisiana is a must-see destination in North Zealand.

Humlebæk’s many local shops, cafés and restaurants are brimming with quality and specialities, and the Aarstiderne farm shop at Krogerup Avlsgaard sells fresh organic fruit and vegetables.

Here, the long coastline dotted with harbours, beaches and cultural environments offers excellent opportunities for activities, experiences and relaxation, while the surrounding forests ensure access to recreational nature.

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