Blomster, mand og shoppinggade

Fredensborg Shopping

Photo: Tine Uffelmann

Art, clothes and restaurants on and around Jernbanegade the shopping street in Fredensborg City.


Country Market - room for local culinary pampering and cosiness

In beautiful Fredensborg you will find Country Market. A marketplace that buzzes with cosiness, excellent local food and drinks, and speciality shops.


No. 16 – The Little Department Store in Fredensborg

No. 16 is a wonderful experience in the middle of Fredensborg's small shopping street. Crafts, clothes, kitchen items and yarn fill the store side by side with a large selection of jewellery and acces...

Fredensborg Bookshop
Photo: VisitNordsjælland

Fredensborg Bookshop

The local bookstore in Fredensborg is an atmospheric and welcoming shop, appreciated by both the town's residents and people from the surrounding area. They prioritize honesty, quality, and a high sta...