Tisvildevejen fra Hillerød til Melby Overdrev

Hiking routes in North Zealand

Photo: Daniel Villadsen

North Zealand offers a range of different habitats of nature, ice age landscapes and rare species. If you want to go hiking, the possibilities are plenty. Walk around in Denmark’s history in a landscape where the Vikings have vandalised, kings have reigned, and legends have arisen.

© VisitNordsjællandPhoto: Daniel Villadsen
Tisvildevejen fra Hillerød til Melby Overdrev
Photo: Daniel Villadsen

Hikes in North Zealand

Take the slow route through the beautiful cultural and natural landscape of North Zealand. Whether you're into a pilgrimage or just a stroll, North Zealand offers kilometres of great trails for short as well as long hikes. Experience the well-preserved churches and monasteries, authentic small villages, local produce from the farm shops, and the warm welcome at the small hotels and bed & breakfasts.

North Zealand has everything a hiker needs, so pack your backpack, lace up your hiking shoes, and embark on an adventure in the area's unique nature. If you prefer something more rugged, you can camp, forage for your food, and light a fire. Start the morning with a dip in the sea or one of the lakes where swimming is allowed. There's also room for you to unplug, take off your watch, and go on a hike into yourself.

Pilgrims have walked here since the Middle Ages, and our own Kierkegaard used the area for a mental break and wrote, 'One can walk oneself out of the problems'

Kierkegaard: “If one just keeps on walking, everything will be all right”

Walking with sound in nature– in Kierkegaard's footsteps

In the summer of 1835, Denmark's famous philosopher Søren Kierkegaard stayed for eight weeks in Gilleleje. He loved hiking in the area, and Gilbjerghoved became one of his favourite places. He walked down the narrow, winding paths along steep slopes towards the Kattegat, pondering the great questions of life. The trail is signposted 'Gilbjergstien', so finding your way is easy. On the path, you can also enter into a conversation with the old philosopher by downloading the app Useum on your smartphone and selecting Kierkegaard by Nature.

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North Coast Trail 

With dramatic nature, The North Coast Trail is a cycle route but works just as well as a walk along the beautiful North Zealand coast. It offers stunning views of unique nature, dunes, and cliffs, and you can see as far as Sweden.

The trail starts in Hundested and takes you past idyllic coastal towns such as Liseleje, Tisvilde and Gilleleje, eventually finishing in Helsingør. There are many exciting and atmospheric places to take a break, e.g. charming Kikhavn, the Troldeskoven forest, Gilleleje Harbour Rudolph Tegner's Museum and Statue Park in Dronningmølle. There aren't many shelters along the trail, but many other accommodation options exist.

Hiking manners - Tips for hiking in North Zealand

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Photo: Daniel Villadsen

Walk along Tisvildevejen

Tisvildevejen is a 77-kilometer-long hiking trail from Esrum Monastery to Tisvilde. A culturally rich experience route that showcases the nature, culture, and local food of North Zealand. The trail, created by volunteers, passes through eight small villages in some of the most beautiful and interesting landscapes in North Zealand.

Along the way, you can stay in the villages, both outdoors and in bed & breakfast accommodations. Join the organized day hikes or multi-day hikes, such as the very popular summer pilgrimage hike. Explore many more tours and book with Tisvildevejen.

Hiking maps for Tisvildevejen

The Tisvildevejen Association has published 4 detailed hiking maps and a corresponding book, where you can see pictures and read about 74 selected attractions along the route. The map can be purchased online from Tisvildevejen.

Take the slow route through North Zealand’s fantastic cultural and historical landscape. Whether you plan a pilgrimage or prefer a brisk walk, North Zealand offers kilometres of excellent trails for both short and long walks. Discover well-preserved churches and monasteries, authentic small villages, local produce from farm shops and warm welcomes at small hotels and bed & breakfasts.

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Places to eat ...

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