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Kierkegaard by Nature – an interactive hiking route in Gilleleje.

Søren Kierkegaard Walked into some of his greatest thoughts on long hikes along the North Coast at Gilleleje. Follow in his footsteps on a 12 km Hiking Route through beautiful nature, and enjoy a wonderful natural experience and an introduction to Denmark’s famous philosopher.

Peace of Mind

Long hikes, especially in scenic surroundings, can uniquely put us in a state where our thoughts can fly freely. Despite the movement of our bodies, one foot in front of the other, we can experience a profound peace, not least from the hustle and bustle of everyday thoughts. This absence of mental noise allows us to think more deeply about life.

The necessity of hiking

Søren Kierkegaard loved hiking; it was almost a necessity for him. In the summer of 1835, he spent eight weeks in Gilleleje for recuperation. We know he took long walks in nature, and Gilbjerghoved became one of his favourite places. On the narrow, winding paths along the cliffs facing Kattegat, he took his long walks with his gaze fixed on the infinite, pondering the great questions of life.

An app invites conversation and reflection

You can hike the same route, in a sort of dialogue with the old philosopher. Along the 12 km route, you will encounter posts with 12 quotes from Kierkegaard and thoughtful questions that invite reflection and conversation. All you need to do is download the Useum app to your smartphone and choose Kierkegaard by Nature, Gilleleje. Lace up your hiking boots, and off you go!

How to Get the Kierkegaard by Nature App

  • Download the Useum app in the App Store / Google Play
  • Search for Kierkegaard by Nature, Gilleleje
  • Tap ‘Buy guide’ for the full experience. It costs DKK 35.- once.
  • The app is available in seven languages: Danish, English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese.

Route Layout

The tour starts at Stejlepladsen at Gilleleje Harbour, where there is a signpost describing the route. You will be guided either east along Fyrstien towards Nakkehoved Lighthouse or west along Gilbjergstien towards Søren Kierkegaard’s memorial stone.

Walk the entire route or in smaller segments

You can walk the entire route or split the experience into smaller segments. Each quote can be used for conversation and reflection, regardless of the order in which you take them. For example, walk the stretch from post 9 to 5 if it suits you best. Take a break on a bench along the way, allowing impressions and thoughts to settle while you enjoy the magnificent sea view. The route can be walked all year round.

Practical Information

  • What: Kierkegaard by Nature – an interactive hiking route
  • Where: Gilleleje
  • Start: Stejlepladsen at Gilleleje Harbour, 3250 Gilleleje
  • How: Download the Useum app in the App Store/Google Play and buy the guide Kierkegaard by Nature, Gilleleje.
  • Price: DKK 35.- for the full version.