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Walk along the North Coast - Dronningmølle to Hornbæk

Start your five-kilometre walk from Dronningmølle Station, past the inviting Café DreamCafé and Dronningmølle Beach. Enjoy the coastal path with views of Kullen and Sweden as you head towards Hornbæk, and settle down at Hornbæk Harbour for a relaxing break with swimming and lunch options.

Here's the starting point

Begin this five-kilometre walk at Dronningmølle Station on Ferdinand Andersen's Square. Check out the many shops before leaving the town and heading east.

Dronningmølle Beach and DreamCafé

Turn left onto Dronningmølle Stationsvej and right onto Villingerødvej. At Dronningmølle Strandvej, road 237, you'll find shops on both sides. The route turns right, and you walk along Dronningmølle Strandvej. Next to the lake, you'll find the tempting Café DreamCafé and the store Drømmehuset. If you have swimwear with you, Dronningmølle Beach is a child-friendly and wide sandy beach.

View of Kullen along the coast

After the campsite and the road Strandkrogen, keep an eye out for the entrance to the coastal path. It's signposted with a blue bicycle sign for routes 47 and 48. The path starts at Pandehave Å. You'll now enjoy a lovely walk along the sea in the North Zealand Kings National Park, all the way to Hornbæk. Follow the path along the coast and enjoy the sight of the view of Kullen and Sweden on one side. On the outskirts of Hornbæk, the path divides; stay closest to the coast.

Lunch in Hornbæk

The signposted part of the path ends in the middle of Hornbæk at "Det Fedtede Hjørne" (The Greasy Corner). Continue along the dunes on Øresundsvej towards Hornbæk Harbor, where there are plenty of opportunities for a longer break with swimming and a lovely lunch.

Take the train back

You can either walk back the same way to Dronningmølle or shorten the trip by following Havnevej towards Nordre Strandvej. Turn right along Hornbæk's main shopping street and left at Coop. Sauntevej will lead you to Hornbæk Station on Hornbæk Stationsvej, where trains run to Dronningmølle and Helsingør - check the Journey Planner.

Facts about the trip

  • Start: Dronningmølle Station
  • Length: 5 km one way
  • Surface: Asphalt and gravel
  • Suitable for: Children and adults, can also be cycled
  • Signage: The path itself along the sea is signposted with a blue bicycle route sign for routes 47 and 48
  • Toilet: Dronningmølle Beach, Hornbæk Harbor, Coop in Hornbæk
  • Season: All year round - Tip: Check the wind direction in autumn and winter

Where to eat

  • The café at Munkeruphus
  • DreamCafé
  • Fiskehuset in Hornbæk
  • Det Fedtede Hjørne

What to see

  • Dronningmølle
  • Hornbæk Harbour

If you want to stay overnight

  • Dronningmølle Strand - camping & holiday homes
  • Dronningmølle Æsel - and Camel rental's shelter