Falling for North Zealand: Top Things to Do This Autumn

Photo:Daniel Overbeck&Tine Uffelmann

Late Summer and Autumn in North Zealand

Late summer and autumn are among the most beautiful times of the year for a vacation or an outdoor adventure north of Copenhagen. The intense blue sky, warm golden light, and the changing colours of nature provide the perfect backdrop to explore historical castles and feel the fresh air in the forests and by the beach.

Bring the children along and experience how autumn in Denmark can be a time for outdoor activities on bikes or by the water. Explore and discover mushrooms and leaves on the forest floor, feeling the deep quiet of the woods. Take a trip to the coast, get some colour in your cheeks, and find exciting stones along the shoreline. Or let curiosity guide you to fun and educational museum experiences for adults and children. Be inspired by this page's diverse range of experiences and set a course for a particular time filled with unforgettable adventures.

What Should You Experience in the Autumn?

Major attractions should be complemented by current events happening right now. It could be a mushroom foray, a local food market, or a special music experience or Halloween festivities. See what's happening in North Zealand right now.

It's Also For Children

When children are happy, parents are too. Holidays provide a space to be together – discover plenty of cosy, fun, and exciting experiences tailored for children during the autumn break in Zealand north of Copenhagen. Solve mysteries at the monastery in Esrum, dress up in historical costumes at Frederiksborg Castle, or try your hand at portrait art.

Let yourself be scared out of your wits during the horror walk through the streets of Hillerød. All this and much more await you in week 42, the autumn break in Denmark.

Enjoy an Art Experience

Good art should do something to us, not just be pleasing decoration. North Zealand's art museums have something to say - and the standard is high - both at the major institutions and the more hidden gems.

Explore the nature areas of North Zealand.

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Photo: Daniel Villadsen