Magnificent Summer Pictures From North Zealand

Photo: Nikolaj Danielsen

Can't you get enough of summer either? Of the sun's rays on your face, long walks on the beach, the bright nights, and endless vacation days? We've gathered a lot of summer vibes for you - scroll down the page and see the best pictures from summer in North Zealand, Denmark.

The wind is rustling through the grass, and the sun is setting over the hiking trail Halsninoen

Photo:Daniel Villadsen

A swan glides over the water at Nivå Harbour

Photo:Nikolaj Danielsen

There are many cozy beach houses in North Zealand, Denmark

Photo: Sarah Rønholt
Photo: Sarah Rønholt

Blue sky and cumulus clouds at Rågeleje Beach

Photo:Nikolaj Danielsen

The Little Ferry sails past Frederiksborg Castle in the summer heat

Photo:Tine Uffelmann

Bright summer nights in nature

Photo:Sarah Green

Sweden can be seen from the hills of Heatherhill

Photo: Ann Jørgensen
Photo: Ann Jørgensen

Children and adults frolic in the waves at Tisvildeleje Beach

Photo:Sarah Rønholt