View of the roofs of Frederiksværk from a hill with the sea in the background

6 Places to Experience in the Canal Town of Frederiksværk

Photo: Nikolaj Danielsen

Frederiksværk is the town with the idyllic canal, yellow houses, a long industrial history, a well-preserved gunpowder works area, and Denmark's largest lake. Here are 6 places you must visit in the largest town on the west side of North Zealand - and a bonus.

1. Gunpowder Works Museum - A Hazardous Workplace

Did you know that Frederiksværk is Denmark's oldest industrial town? You can experience this at the Gunpowder Works Museum (Krudtværksmuseet), where workers of the gunpowder works produced gunpowder and bullets for the Danish king in the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries.

See the cannons and machines - and learn about the perilous work that characterised the production. For example, you can see the tall ramparts that were meant to protect the surrounding town from explosions in the area.

A young woman stands on a bridge and looks at a small half-timbered house in the Gunpowder Works Museum.

The Gunpowder Works Museum and the surroundings.Photo:Sarah Rønholt

2. The Arsenal - Ice Cream, Shop, and Industrial Stories

Visit the cozy café at The Arsenal Museum, enjoy an ice cream, have a cup of coffee, and then explore the exhibition about the industrial town of Frederiksværk.

At the museum in Frederiksværk, you can learn about the businessman J.F. Classen, who was responsible for the important buildings, the Gunpowder Works, and the former foundry, “Gjethuset”. You can also see the many objects produced in Frederiksværk over the past hundred years.

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Cozy, yellow buildings bask in the sun on the other side of the canal in Frederiksværk.

The idyllic canal in Frederiksværk.Photo:Ann Jørgensen

3. The Canal - A North Zealand Venice in Miniature

It's hard to miss the canal in Frederiksværk. It runs through the town, past picturesque yellow-painted houses, and on a beautiful summer day, it can resemble a miniature North Zealand Venice. Cross one of the arched bridges and enter Nørregade. Here, you'll find the town's cosy cafes and shops.

On the other side of Frederiksværk's shopping street, the canal continues past the Gunpowder Works area and the old gunpowder works - the actual reason the canal was excavated in the 18th century. It was meant to power the mills that produced gunpowder.

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Choose your ice cream from one of the ice cream parlours in the pedestrian street Nørregade in Frederiksværk.

Enjoy, among other things, an ice cream in the pedestrian street Nørregade.Photo:Sarah Rønholt

4. Nørregade - Pedestrian Street with Shops and Commerce

The shopping street in Frederiksværk offers a fine selection of shops, including clothing, antiques, hardware, and wine. In Nørregade, you can also grab a cup of coffee, have lunch, or get an ice cream.

Continue up to the iNoord shopping centre, located at the end of the pedestrian street. In the shopping centre, you can find a bakery, clothing stores, books, and groceries.

The playground in Frederiksværk with the large slide in the background and a statue of a worker in the foreground.

The "Børnenes Frederiksværk" playground.Photo:Nikolaj Danielsen

5. "Børnenes Frederiksværk" Playground

Do you have children with you on the trip? Then they might want to burn some energy at the “Børnenes Frederiksværk” (The Children’s Frederiksværk) playground. The playground is built around Frederiksværk's history as an industrial town. There are four areas where children can climb, play blacksmith, act as cannon casters on the carousel, and swing over the blue "lake Arresø."

The beginning of Arresø in Frederiksværk, seen from the bow of the excursion boat M/S Frederikke.

Take a boat trip on Arresø, Denmark's largest lake, with the excursion boat M/S Frederikke.Photo:VisitNordsjælland

6. M/S Frederikke - The Tour Boat on Lake Arresø

The canal and lake Arresø are at the heart of Frederiksværk's history and the reason the town is situated where it is. Experience the canal that powered the gunpowder mills aboard the tour boat M/S Frederikke.

Sail from the canal onto Denmark's largest lake, Arresø. Here, you can feel the magnificent nature and gain insight into life on and around the lake.

Knud Rasmussen's house in Hundested is ready to welcome you on the hill with the sea in the background.

Knud Rasmussen's house was the summer residence and workplace of the polar explorer Knud Rasmussen.Photo:Tine Uffelmann

Bonus: Knud Rasmussen's House

It's not in Frederiksværk but just 20 minutes away in the harbour town, Hundested. Knud Rasmussen's House belonged to the polar explorer Knud Rasmussen, who used it as a work residence and summer house.

Today, this charming and unconventional little house is a museum showcasing Knud Rasmussen's work and explorations. Explore the interesting exhibitions, wander through the quirky rooms, and enjoy the house's beautiful location on a high cliff overlooking the sea.

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 Knud Rasmussen's House was the summer residence and workplace of the polar explorer Knud Rasmussen.

Visit Frederiksværk

Photo: Ann Jørgensen

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