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Melby Common & Liseleje Plantation

Melby Overdrev is the largest heath on Sealand and one of the most distinctive and exciting natural areas in Halsnæs. Take a walk, look at plants and insects, or bring your swimwear and jump into the water.

You can experience this at Melby Overdrev

When you walk in the distinctive landscape at Melby Common, you can see far. The majority of the vegetation only reaches the shins. It might feel like walking on the Russian steppes - open and uniform. But still not. Because there is a great species richness of plants and animals - and there is a short distance to the beach. Melby Overdrev is located right next to the coast.

Tour suggestions

Follow the paths around Melby Overdrev and experience the large heathland landscape. If you want to avoid getting lost, or just want a trip suggestion, you can see where you can go hiking at Melby Overdrev.

What is Melby Overdrev?

Melby Overdrev is the largest heath found on Sealand. There have previously been other heaths in North Zealand, but most are now built with holiday homes. Melby OVerdrev is not. The military used the area as a shooting range for more than a hundred years. Since then, the heath has been protected and everyone is allowed to move here.