Tisvildevejen vandreruter nordsjælland pilgrimsveje vandre

Walk the Tisvilde Pilgrimage Route all year round

Photo: Sarah Green

In the municipality of Gribskov, located in the Kongernes Nordsjælland National Park, there are many cultural and historical sights to enjoy.

The entire Tisvilde Pilgrimage Route is located in Gribskov Municipality. The living narrative of Denmark’s cultural history is important in terms of creating high-quality content in the national park and providing travellers from around the world with very special immersive experiences.

North Sealand has been home to many kings and queens through the ages, something that has left a characteristic mark on the local nature and culture. North Sealand’s location has also attracted a great deal of trade, settlement and traffic, and these activities have also created a fascinating cultural history in the form of burial mounds, ruins and other areas which we can now enjoy as cultural traces in the landscape.

The Tisvilde Pilgrimage Route showcases the loveliest destinations in North Sealand, highlights its culture and nature and makes it accessible, welcoming, appealing and relatable. We want you to encounter this part of North Sealand in a way that lets you bring the experience home and remember it – with both body and soul.

The Tisvilde Pilgrimage Route starts at Esrum Abbey, leading through Mårum, Annisse, Ramløse, and ending at Helene Kilde in Tisvildeleje.


Esrum Abbey - Mårum: 15 km

Mårum - Annisse: 20 km

Annisse - Ramløse: 10 km

Ramløse - Tisvilde: 16 km

Public transportation is available to and from all accommodations. The route has not yet been marked, but a map is available. Download the map here. 

A booklet and paper map of the Tisvilde Pilgrimage Route is available at Esrum Abbey.

Before travelling, it is recommended that you read the small travel booklet about the Tisvilde Pilgrimage Route. A booklet is an important tool for experiencing the Tisvilde Pilgrimage Route independently throughout the entire hiking season. This small booklet with maps continues to evolve as a dynamic tool as companies and others develop experiences that can be connected to the Pilgrimage Route. The booklet includes a presentation of the region authored by local writers along with beautiful pictures from the route and contact information for planning meals and accommodations.

The booklet was edited by Rigmor Westh Baagøe. It is your responsibility to use the contact details at the back of the travel booklet, contact your preferred accommodations, and book your stays and meals. You will find information about B&Bs along the route on this page. You can also sleep outdoors or in a hammock in the forest.

Description of Tisvilde Pilgrimage Route

Your journey along the Tisvilde Pilgrimage Route begins at Esrum Abbey. All accommodations and meals are individually arranged with the places where you will stay. See the contact information at the end of this text.

The first day’s walk:

You can park your car at the Møllegården gravel carpark. You can have lunch at Esrum Abbey or at the Møllegården café and see the exhibition, the water mill and the monastery before continuing on.

You will walk through the beautiful Gribskov Forest to Mårum, about 15 kilometres. The vicarage or Pagerøglegård in Mårum sometimes offers to prepare meals for hikers – give them a call to find out more. The parish community centre in Mårum also has a kitchen that can be borrowed to cook in, if it is available.

The second day’s walk takes you from Mårum to Annisse. It is 20 kilometres and thus the longest stretch. At lunchtime, you will pass Pibe Mill, where you can eat your own packed lunch or enjoy a meal in the restaurant inside the mill. The old post mill is very beautiful and offers a breathtaking view of the surroundings. There is also a cheese shop where you can buy cheese, wine, chocolates, and other goodies. 

In the evening you will arrive at Annisse. Here you can spend the night in a basic setting in the Garbolund granary on a camp bed, or reserve one of farm owner Jette Haugaard’s lovely guest rooms. Jette Haugaard also accepts orders for dinner and breakfast if she is at home.

The third day’s walk takes you from Annisse to Ramløse along the shore of Lake Arresø. It is a short walk of just 10 kilometres, but it gives you plenty of time to enjoy the view and the countryside. In Ramløse you can take a look at Ramløse Mill and the church. At certain times during the summer, the M/S “Frederikke” sails from the Ramløse Marina at 12:00 noon on Sundays. Here you can enjoy Lake Arresø from the water. There are also two galleries in Ramløse as well as a NETTO supermarket.

In Ramløse you can spend the night in a B&B. (See the Visit North Sealand website or the Tisvilde Pilgrimage Route booklet).

The fourth day’s walk goes from Ramløse to Tisvilde, across the Ellemosen moors and on through the rolling Tibirke Bakker and Tisvilde Hegn.

The church of Tibirke, open during the daytime, is on the route and 100 metres from the church there is an amazing icon gallery, “Tibirke Kunst”.

In Tisvilde Hegn there is a castle ruin, Asserbo Slotsruin, and the sand-drift-covered village of Torup. 

Tisvilde has several accommodation options, restaurants and cafés that are open during the summer season. It is recommended to spend several days in Tisvilde. The woods of Tisvilde Hegn, Melby Overdrev, “Troldeskoven” (the Troll Forest), Helene Kilde (Helene Spring), and Helene Grave are incredibly beautiful places that are characteristic of the area.

From Tisvilde you can take the train and bus home.

You can take the route with your family, friends, on your own, or in larger groups. If you are in a group of more than ten persons, write to westh@live.dk, and we will refer you to suitable accommodations and arrangements for meals.

The route is very well suited for families with children, as you can choose how many days you will be walking and then return to Esrum Abbey by public transportation to avoid too long a journey.

Work is underway to lead the route back to Esrum Abbey, which will make the route six days and approx. 100 km long.

In its current form, the entire route is approx. 60 km but is still being developed. You can select individual stages from the 60 km as there is a day’s walk between each overnight stay. Food and overnight accommodation are available every 60 km with suitable distances between stays.

In Mårum there is a service station where you can buy bread and in Ramløse there is a NETTO supermarket. There are two restaurants en-route: Pibe Mølle between Mårum and Annisse, and Rabarbergården in Holløse between Ramløse and Tisvilde, and Restaurant Tinggården is near the castle ruin Asserbo Slotsruin in Tisvilde Hegn, close to the route.

There is access to water and toilets at all churches.