Practical information about the Tisvilde Pilgrimage Route journey

Photo: Sarah in the Green

As travellers on the Tisvilde Pilgrimage Route, we invite you behind the scenes in North Sealand so you can meet the people who live here, the cultural history, and nature.

The Tisvilde Pilgrimage Route has been established in close cooperation between local volunteers, local associations and mills, small businesses, the local churches in Mårum, Annisse, Ramløse and Tibirke and the parish councils of these churches, and with financial assistance from the Municipality of Gribskov and publication assistance from Visit NorthSealand. We also collaborate with actors including Museum Nordsjælland, Nordsjælland Naturskole, local cultural guides and Esrum Abbey, which provides a strong cultural dimension and an additional perspective on the pilgrimage experience.

Your pilgrimage passports will be stamped at Esrum Abbey and you can also get them stamped along the route. You will also receive an iron-on patch from the Tisvilde Pilgrimage Route and a name tag. 

You will also receive a small booklet about the Tisvilde Pilgrimage Route which contains maps of the route. It describes, among other things, the small communities you will pass through, nature and culture. There is also a PDF version on the Visit NorthSealand website where you booked the journey, which you can download to your computer and smartphone. Take a look now to get a little preview of the experiences before the journey.

Details of the walk: 

You will be led by pilgrimage guide Niels Henriksen, who will take you through Gribskov to Mårum on Friday, 6 July and on Saturday from Mårum to Annisse. On Sunday you will walk from Annisse to Ramløse and on Monday from Ramløse to Tibirke. On Tuesday morning you will leave Tibirke and end your journey in Tisvildeleje.

The programme describes the places you will walk to and you will also receive a short oral briefing on the daily programme each morning before leaving.

Volunteers from the villages, parish councils and small businesses will welcome you in the villages, and will also serve breakfast. You will either have a packed lunch or there will be a buffet to make your own packed lunch on the respective days.

If you need to relax or have a little alone time, just do it, but tell some of the other participants or the guide, Niels Henriksen, so we can keep track of everyone. You should not feel obliged to participate in the events along the way; you can also just relax by yourself, take a nap in the grass, go to bed early or whatever you decide. 

All the many volunteers and small businesses involved are more than happy to welcome you and do what they can to make your journey a wonderful experience in our villages. 

 Distances and pace 

  • Friday: walk approx. 12 km between Esrum and Mårum
  • Saturday: walk approx. 17 km between Mårum and Annisse
  • Sunday: walk approx. 12 km between Annisse and Ramløse
  • Monday: walk approx. 8 km between Ramløse and Tibirke
  • Tuesday: walk approx. 8 km in Tisvilde Hegn to Tisvilde

We try to adjust the walking pace so everyone can keep up. Make sure to tell guide, Niels Henriksen, if you think we are moving too fast or too slowly. You will find that we do not walk for long distances at a time, but that the walk is broken up with talks about culture and nature along the way.

Small groups may be spread across several kilometres as we walk. Niels will wait for slower groups when we reach a suitable place for gathering everyone.


It’s very important to drink plenty of liquids along the way and we ask that you fill your water bottles every time the opportunity arises, and remember to stay hydrated!

You should drink at least 3-4 litres of water a day (at least one and a half bottles) when you walk this much and especially if the weather is hot. Call me or Niels if you or your walking partners feel unwell.

Accommodations in general:

In general, with regard to accommodations, there are two options in each area.

Typically a church, parish community centre or private accommodations on a farm or small sports centre. You will be allocated accommodations in advance each day so that it will be possible to sleep in a church once or twice if you wish. If you are not happy with the accommodations, we will try to find a solution. You will be shown your accommodations in the afternoon so you don’t have to think about it in the evening – you can just enjoy yourself and head off to bed.


Your baggage is transported from place to place, but we will ask you to put your bags and camp bed by the trailer in the morning and take them off in the evening if they have not been unloaded.

The luggage should be easy to stack for those in charge of the luggage, so use a backpack or suitcase, not plastic bags, etc. Remember to use a legible name tag on the luggage.

The camp beds are fine to sleep on and quite wide, but they are fairly new, so it can be difficult to adjust the aluminium crossbar at the end as the cover is tight. Just leave one crossbar in the bag, the camp bed works fine without it. REMEMBER to bring one or two mattress pads as the camp beds are a little hard on the back.

Packing list: 

  • Day pack for holding a water bottle, rainwear, lunch, etc. 
  • Large backpack or suitcase with clothes, toiletries, plenty of socks, etc. 
  • Sleeping bag, pillow (optional), one thick/too thin mattress pad for the camp bed. 
  • Hiking boots/shoes 
  • Blister plasters 
  • Sandals (optional) for a change of footwear 
  • Sunscreen 
  • Rainwear 
  • Mobile phone 
  • LARGE water bottle
  • Swimwear if you want to use the Mårum Vicarage Hot-tub.

Food and drink

You pay for your own drinks for lunch at Esrum and all evening meals, so remember cash or card (you can use the ATM at the OK service station in Mårum and the Netto in Ramløse, and you can use it to pay with at the Klosterkælderen at Esrum Abbey).

You can use the ATM at Netto in Ramløse on Sunday. 

You can choose a (prepaid) soda or small draught beer with lunch at Pibe Mølle Restaurant.

Elderberry cordial comes with lunch on Sunday and Monday. Coffee and tea are included for breakfast, afternoon cake and dinner. 

Cultural guide

Your cultural guide for the entire journey will be Niels Henriksen.

Niels Henriksen has 40 years of experience as a nature guide and was involved in mapping the Tisvilde Pilgrimage Route. You can read more about Niels: https://dk.linkedin.com/in/niels-henriksen-3b2aa063

Special requirements:

We would like to be notified in advance if you suffer from conditions that require special vigilance on our part or have special wishes with regard to accommodations, vegetarian food or anything else we should know. Should you become ill or notice anyone else feeling unwell, immediately call Rigmor, who is a doctor (tel. +4520723509, or in urgent cases, call 112).

The Tisvilde Pilgrimage Route journey cannot be held responsible for damages, injuries or illness that occur during the journey. You are responsible for your own travel insurance. The journey cannot be refunded later than 14 days prior to the departure date. If you have any questions, please call or write to one of us.


The Tisvilde Pilgrimage Route partners:

Visit North Sealand, Gribskov Municipality, The Danish Nature Agency, Esrum Abbey, Gribskov Erhvervscenter, Museum Nordsjælland, Gribskov Spisekammer, Restaurant Tinggården, Garbolund, Mårum Church, Annisse Church, Ramløse Church, Tibirke Church, Annisse Forsamlingshus, Pibe Mill, Pibe Mølle Restaurant, Ramløse Windmill, Tibirke Kunst, local business owners, local volunteers, local musicians.

We aim and work for the Tisvilde Pilgrimage Route to become an important cultural and natural route through North Sealand in the future.


Downloads for GPX

Download the routes for gpx. You will fin the routes at friluftsguiden.dk. Choose between the long path or the short path.