The Louisiana Sculpture Park

Photo: Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

The Sculpture Park is an essential part of the Louisiana experience.The museum’s location in the park facing the Sound, the shape of the buildings and the landscape, create entirely unique conditions for presenting the approx. 60 artworks that is an important part of the collection.

NOT VITAL House To Watch The Sunset (2015) by Swiss artist Not Vital reflects the surrounding nature and the changing seasons in its polished steel surface. Photo:Kim Hansen/Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

DAN GRAHAM You can walk right into Dan Graham’s sculpture ‘Square Bisected by Curve’ from 2008. Find it in the Sculpture Garden at Louisiana. Photo:Kim Hansen/Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

JEAN ARP & HENRY MOORE From the old Louisiana villa, cast your gaze across the lawn toward the Sound. In the foreground, you’ll see Jean Arp’s bronzes from 1956 and 1948 and Henry Moore’s sculpture Reclining Figure No. 5 (Seagram) from 1963-64. Photo:Kim Hansen/Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

NOBUO SEKINE Nobuo Sekine’s sculpture Phases of Nothingness (1970) stands in the Sculpture Garden behind the South Wing. The materials are stainless steel and marble, and the illusion of a floating rock is complete. Photo:Kim Hansen/Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

ALEXANDER CALDER For many, Calder’s iconic sculptures are the Louisiana signature: Almost Snow Plow from 1964/76 the mobile Little Janey-Waney. They are located on the Calder Terrace in front of the Louisiana Café. Photo:Louisiana Museum of Modern Art