7 grunde til at tage på Louisiana

7 Reasons to Visit Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Photo: Ann Jørgensen

It's only 30 minutes north of Copenhagen, and it houses an art collection featuring luminaries like Asger Jorn and Andy Warhol. But why should you visit Louisiana Museum of Modern Art? There are many reasons to explore one of Denmark's most famous art museums - here are seven.

1. A world-class museum

The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is among the most visited museums in Denmark. In fact, it topped the list in 2022. Despite being located north of Copenhagen, it is known worldwide and is recommended by leading lifestyle magazine Kinfolk.

Kunstmuseum i Nordsjælland

©VisitNordsjællandPhoto:Ann Jørgensen

2. Art you haven't heard of

Louisiana attracts the biggest artists from around the world, such as Yayoi Kusama, Paul Klee, and Yoko Ono. However, the museum also actively works to provide experiences with art that you didn't know you would love. This is where you encounter innovative contemporary art. 

3. A waterfront experience

It's not just the art that makes Louisiana worth a visit. It's the overall experience. When you walk inside the museum, you have a direct view of the sparkling Øresund sea through large panoramic windows, and you can even go down to the shore from the museum park.

Kunstmuseum i Nordsjælland

©Louisiana Museum of Modern ArtPhoto:Poul Buchard / Brøndum & Co.

4. A café loved by locals

There are several excellent dining options north of Copenhagen, and Louisiana Café is one of them. Many locals from North Sealand have Louisiana Club Cards and use the café for a meal out. The food is Nordic-inspired, using quality ingredients. In the evenings, there is à la carte service, and during the day, you can enjoy open-faced sandwiches, cakes, and coffee.

5. Hidden treasures in the sculpture park

...And while you're in the museum park, you can see impressive sculptures standing on the grass, slopes, and among the trees. Look for an asymmetric tower made of mirrored glass and large spheres made of plastered stone resembling planets, among other intriguing artworks.

7 grunde til at tage på Louisiana

©VisitNordsjællandPhoto:Ann Jørgensen

6. The world's best museum shop is located north of Copenhagen

The shop you'll find at the Louisiana Museum is not just any shop; it has been named the world's best museum shop. You can find artistic posters from exhibitions, Danish and international design items (ranging from candlesticks to sofas), art books, bags, jewellery, and clothing.

7. Louisiana is large, but not too large

Louisiana's architecture is elegant, open, and blends with the surrounding landscape. Over the years, the museum has been expanded, so you can wander through long glass-covered corridors, explore older stately rooms, and visit large modern halls. It is spacious enough to accommodate the many visitors both indoors and outdoors, yet small enough that you can see most of the exhibitions.

Visit Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

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Photo: Ann Jørgensen