Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Photo: Louisiana of Modern Art

Louisiana is a leading international museum of modern art. But it is also a dynamic cultural centre and a very special place where the art, the architecture, the park and the coastal location create a unique interaction.

When you visit Louisiana, you don’t just experience a collection of modern art, but also an interaction between art, architecture and landscape.

The park provides an ideal framework for the placement of the museum’s collection of modern sculptures, just as the unique museum buildings, erected between 1958 and 1998, create an exciting setting for the museum’s collection of post-1945 international art.

The museum exudes an informal and relaxed atmosphere in the lovely old park and exhibition buildings, and Louisiana has something to offer everyone: the Louisiana Collection, temporary exhibitions of modern and contemporary art, photography, design and architecture exhibitions, films and concerts.

In addition, there is a three-storey Children’s Wing, a delightful café with indoor and outdoor service and a museum shop with a large selection of art books, graphic art, posters, crafts and interior design.


Louisiana is more than exhibitions

Savour a wonderful lunch buffet or a great cup of coffee in the museum café, and let yourself be tempted by the books, posters and gorgeous design in the large, well-stocked two-storey museum shop. And let the kids loose in the Children’s Wing!

Louisiana's Collection

Photo: Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Children's Wing

Photo: Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

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Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

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