Pluk selv jordbær - Gundekildegaard

Pick your own strawberries in North Zealand

Photo: Visitnordsjælland

Picking your own strawberries, now that’s summer in Denmark Take a trip to the field and go pick or buy the delicious Danish, sweet and tasty strawberries.

Pluk selv jordbær - sommer
© VisitNordsjællandPhoto: Tine Uffelmann
Pluk selv jordbær
Photo: Visitnordsjælland

Gundekildegaard in Vejby

Gundekildegaard is located between Vejby and Rågeleje. There is a farm shop and a strawberry café, where freshly picked fruit, newly dug potatoes, ice cream, smoothies, coffee and cakes are sold. All are harvested and processed at Rokkedyssegaard, which owns Rokkedyssegaard. Enjoy the view over the fields in the outdoor café and pick strawberries in the open air.

Adress: Rågelejevej 46, DK- 3210 Vejby | Tel.: +453157 0740 


Pick strawberries at Esromgaard

Græsted, close to Esrum located in Esromgaard, and from the beginning of June, there are freshly picked strawberries for sale in the farm shop. As they say themselves, the strawberries taste fantastic. There are wide varieties in the field, which replace each other throughout the season, and therefore there are fresh strawberries in the shop throughout the summer.

Adress: Frederiksværksvej 11 C., DK-3230 Græsted | Tel.: +454839 0236


Photo:Tine Uffelmann