SUP i Lynæs

Lynæs - Where the wind blows in the right direction

Photo: Lynæs Surfcenter

If you drive out to the southwestern tip of the Halsnæs peninsula, you arrive at the small fishing village of Lynæs. Vibrantly coloured kitesurfers execute aerial ballet in the sky on the windswept tip.

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On the waterfront, identical twins Jeppe and Johan Ingversen have established a little haven for surfing enthusiasts that appeals to Copenhagen's vacation homeowners, families, and coffee-loving residents. This is where you can embrace your inner child and play in the waves or soar with the wind, relax at the beach bar, or release the pressures of urban life in the sauna.

The coastal winds favour Lynæs, and the shallow waters along the beach make it one of Denmark's finest surfing locations and an excellent venue for kitesurfing, windsurfing, stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), or kayaking.

"Some surf spots can feel exclusive. Everyone is welcome here. We want it to be a place where people can gather and enjoy a welcoming community, having a great time in a fantastic atmosphere – just like after an enjoyable day of skiing," explains Jeppe.

The local community

Lynæs Surfcenter relies on its connection to the local community. Before establishing the surf centre, Jeppe and Johan's father operated a grocery store at the exact location. However, when the store closed, a local gathering spot disappeared. They aimed to fill that void, and today, many residents from the area visit the surf centre daily, with most of them as guests. The surf centre has also become a significant workplace and community hub for young locals.

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"The fact that we have managed to recreate the sense of community that the grocery store had back then is one of the things we are most proud of. Local communities like this thrive on having a gathering place, fostering connections, and getting to know your neighbours," says Johan.


When you are stand-up paddling, you must be aware of certain safety elements. With the following 5 basic rules, we want to help you have a safe trip on the water.

  • ALWAYS use a leash (rope that connects you to the board)
  • Remember to wear a PFD/life jacket (it's illegal to paddle without)
  • Bring your phone in a waterproof bag
  • Don't go alone on the water and inform someone where you will go and when you expect to return.
  • ALWAYS check wind and weather conditions before going out. Do not go out in offshore winds if you are a beginner or slightly experienced.

Experience the world's best surfers in Copenhagen

Our stand-up paddle (SUP) guide is developed in close relationship with Surf & SUP Denmark, the national governing body for surfing and SUP, which will host the World SUP Championship in Copenhagen from September 16-22, 2024. 

Everybody is invited to join the event, as the host will organize a huge paddle festival with many side activities. This includes the mass-participation event, Copenhagen SUP, allowing you to paddle around Copenhagen Harbour and experience the vibrant city from the waterside. Get to know more at

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SUP in Lynæs
© VisitNorthZealandPhoto: Lynæs Surfcenter


For anyone who enjoys a fun time on the water, SUP is the way to go. Even with just a brief introduction, anyone can quickly master the art of SUP, and with the wide shallow waters at Lynæs Strand, it's a safe spot for all ages and skill levels. Courses at Lynæs Surfcenter start from 345 DKK, and you can rent a SUP from 145 DKK! Sign up now.

Winter Retreat in Lynæs

The local community is essential for establishing a place to thrive throughout the year. Tourists and visitors from outside the town seek genuine experiences in which locals participate. 

This notion has been the driving force behind Madbaren (food bar), the most recent addition to a range of initiatives that remain open for most of the year and emphasize locally sourced products. Madbaren offers brunch, pasta, pizza, and shared dishes in the evening, and communal dining is held every Wednesday. 

The goal is to transform Lynæs Surfcenter into a place that is equally appealing in winter as it is in summer. Winter swimming and the sauna are integral to the Vinterhi 'winter retreat' concept. The enterprising brothers are actively working on expanding the concept and extending the season with additional activities to enhance community and enjoyment while sustaining the positive atmosphere in Lynæs. 

At Lynæs Surfcenter, you can come to relax or get your adrenaline pumping. You could describe it as outdoor wellness - a humble and close-to-nature luxury that benefits both the body and soul. It's an entirely different experience compared to wellness at spa hotels but offers its own exclusive and distinctive charm.

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© VisitNorthZealandPhoto: Marie Louise Munkegaard

Lynæs - the quaint fishing village

Lynæs is nestled by the towering cliffs on the peninsula at the entrance to Isefjord, located just under 2 km south of Hundested. This idyllic fishing village holds the distinction of being one of Denmark's oldest villages, attracting thousands of sailors from Isefjord, Roskilde Fjord, and Kattegat to its charming marina.

Lynæs offers a wealth of delightful experiences for the whole family. The harbour is home to restaurants, fishmongers, and an ice cream parlour, along with a playground and an adventure bridge for children. Barbecue areas, sea bathing spots, and two shelters with fire pits are also free of charge.

Throughout the summer, various activities and concerts take place, such as the not-to-be-missed 'Live in Lynæs,' featuring fantastic live music on five Fridays during the summer season.

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"The most breathtaking sunsets, particularly during the winter, can be witnessed from the hillside along Store Karlsmindevej between Lynæs and Sølager. From the summit is a mesmerizing panoramic view of the entire Lynæs area. The Klintestien (cliff path) links the two villages and conveniently concludes right at Lynæs Surfcenter's food bar 'Madbar,' making it the ideal spot to satiate your hunger after a hike," the two brothers chuckle.

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