Tisvildeleje Strand

Facts about winter bathing

Photo: Tine Uffelmann

Below, we have listed the good advice regarding winter bathing, along with references to the winter bathing clubs we have found in North Zealand.

Contact the club directly.

Facts about winter bathing:

  • There can be many waves on the Øresund coast when the wind comes from the east-southeast.
  • The beaches on the North Coast are particularly exposed to the wind from north-northwest to northeast.
  • Check the good winter bathing weather at www.yr.no.
  • Studies show that winter bathers feel healthier and have fewer sick days.
  • Never bathe alone is one of the eight bathing recommendations from the Council for Greater Bath Safety; keep an eye on each other and stay close to the beach or stairs. Read the other seven at www.badesikkerhed.dk.
  • In Denmark, there are approximately 25,000 winter bathers in about 90 clubs across the country.
  • If you want to bathe in the company of local winter bathers, here is a contact list of winter bathing associations in North Zealand, found at www.vinterbader.com.

Winter Bathing Clubs in North Zealand:

  • Badeklubben Trekanten, Hundested
  • Bjerre Strand Badelaug, Humlebæk
  • Gilleleje Havbad, Gribskov
  • Gilleleje Vintersvømmere, Gribskov
  • Lynæs Havbad, Hundested
  • Nivå Pingvinerne, Fredensborg
  • Nødebo Vikingerne, Hillerød
  • Tisvildeleje Vinterbadere, Gribskov

Winter Bathing Advice:

On the Council for Greater Bath Safety's website, www.badesikkerhed.dk, you will find the following things to be aware of when winter bathing:

  • Check bathing conditions and rescue equipment.
  • Be cautious of ice on stairs and bridges.
  • Lower your body calmly into the water.
  • Never bathe alone.
  • Breathe calmly.
  • Keep an eye on each other.
  • Stay close to stairs or access/bridge.
  • Never swim under the ice.