Esrum Monastery's red brick building is located at the end of a large grassy field.

7 Experiences you must dive into at Esrum Abbey & Millyard

Photo: Tine Uffelmann

At Esrum Abbey, you step back in time. Back to the medieval era of North Zealand, where the monks' home were among the most central powerhouses in the Nordic region. Unleash the children on the playground, dine in the café, and immerse yourself in the history of the Danish church. 

1. The Human in the Monastery: Captivating Installations

Step into the world of the monks in the permanent exhibition "The Human in the Monastery." Through captivating light installations and sound, you will experience the monks' canonical songs and routine daily rhythm. For example, the large circle of light shows the monks' day from sunrise to sunset in just 24 minutes.

A large circle of light evocatively illustrates the monks' daily life at Esrum Abbey

©VisitNorthZealandPhoto:Tine Uffelmann

2. The Monastery Garden: One of the Largest Collections of Healing Herbs

The monastery garden at Esrum Abbey & Millyard has one of Denmark's largest collections of plants used by monks in the Middle Ages. Explore the plants that were used to heal wounds, cure diseases, and for religious rituals. Each bed tells a story.

Two women walk in the herb garden and observe medieval medicinal herbs at Esrum Abbey.

The monastery garden is filled with plants used in the Middle Ages.Photo:Tine Uffelmann

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3. Augmented & Virtual Reality: Revive the Vast Esrum Monastery

500 years ago, Esrum Abbey was enormous. Today, only a fraction of the monastery remains. Try augmented reality, where you are guided around the area with an iPad in hand, resurrecting the lost buildings. You can also put on virtual reality glasses and explore long corridors and large halls as they appeared in the heyday of the monastery.

A mother and her children are eating under an umbrella in the courtyard garden at the Mill Café near Esrum Kloster.

At the Mill Café, the food is made from seasonal ingredients.Photo:Tine Uffelmann

4. Mill Café and Shop: Organic Food and Quality Products

At Esrum Abbey's café, The Mill Café, you can enjoy meals made from seasonal ingredients, as organic as possible. For example, have open-faced sandwiches, soups, children's meals, or cakes. In the shop, you can find "monastery products" such as brandy and specialty beer, books, lambskin, flour, cider, and chocolate. Remember also the annual Christmas market with even more delicious local and specialty products.

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5. Hike: Follow the Map and Learn About Animal and Monastic Life

Follow the hiking route around Esrum Abbey and explore the area where the monks lived and worked. The route is a self-guided tour of four kilometers with three experience tracks (the animal track, the water track, and the monastery track). On the map, you can see the entire route and find various points of interest along each track.

A group of people is walking down the meadow in front of Esrum Abbey.

On the hiking route around Esrum Abbey, you experience the landscape the monks lived in.Photo:Tine Uffelmann

6. Game about the Reformation for Children and the Young at Heart

Bring your friends or family and participate in shaping Denmark's future. You'll go back to the Middle Ages, to the time of the Reformation and Martin Luther's 95 Theses. During the game, you'll face many difficult dilemmas about religion and the reformation of society. Your choices have consequences for the future.

A girl is laughing while flying away on the zipline at the Esrum Abbey's nature playground.

On the nature playground, children can burn off their energy.Photo:Tine Uffelmann

7. Natural Playground: Get Your Heart Rate Up in a Medieval Children's Universe

The nature playground at Esrum Abbey is designed for children who need to burn off some energy, and it's designed in the style of medieval architecture. Zip across the moat on the zip line, bake bread in the clay oven, and aim at your enemies with the trebuchet, which also doubles as a swing.

Esrum Abbey's beautiful half-timbered building at the end of a meadow is waiting to welcome you.

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Photo: Daniel Villadsen