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What's happening in National Park Royal North Zealand

Experience National Park Royal North Zealand. It is not just an area on a map, not just a forest, not just a beach. National Park King's North Zealand is a living cultural offering, filled with events and activities. See what's happening right now.

Explore National Park Royal North Zealand

You can, of course, take a walk in it. But you can also get to know the national park in other ways. Explore the National Park Royal North Zealand through guided tours, lectures, and experiences in culture, history, and nature.

Hear stories and lectures about the forests over the years in North Zealand. Join North Zealand's Nature School out in nature and experience all the exciting things nature has to offer. Learn through lectures how the Danish kings have left their mark and made North Zealand what it is today.

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What is National Park Royal North Zealand?

The National Park Royal North Zealand is, as the name more than suggests, located in North Zealand. It stretches over 263 km² and is Denmark's second-largest national park.

In the national park, you can experience several impressive natural areas and cultural treasures, including the Parforce Hunting Landscape (UNESCO), the country's two largest lakes, Arresø and Esrum Lake, heaths, castles, a monastery, and sea eagles.