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Seaweed safari at Lynæs

If you walk by the Kattegat, there are different species of seaweed, and the area around Hundested and Lynæs by the Isefjord in North Sealand is a good place where there are many species of seaweed.

You can now join the seaweed safari at Lynæs.

On the safari, go out into the water and harvest seaweed. You get new discoveries, new taste impressions and hopefully the excitement of finding as many seaweed species as possible. Usually, you find approx. 7-12 different seaweed species.

You will get to know the different species, what they can be used for, when it is best to harvest them, and where to find the different types. You must remember to bring a bag with you on the trip, as you will bring seaweed home from the trip for your cooking in the evening.

Dates 2024:

  • 20.04 kl. 10.00-12.30
  • 08.06 kl. 10.00-12.30
  • 20.07 kl. 10.00-12.30 & 13.00-15.30
  • 03.08 kl. 10.00-12.30 & 13.00-15.30
  • 14.09 kl. 10.00-12.30 

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Practical information

Waders are good to wear. We have waders, but you are welcome to bring your own if you have them.
The trip is NOT for people with walking difficulties. Children (7 - 12 years) must be accompanied by an adult.

In some seaweed species, there is a dietary fibre content of almost 50. By consuming 6 grams of dried seaweed daily, you get the same mineral and vitamin content corresponding to 600 grams of vegetables.