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Ørby Winery

Visit Ørby Vineyard, where award-winning wines meet organic passion. Experience the dedication to high-quality wine production, enjoy gastronomic experiences, and participate in exciting events at the beautiful vineyard.

Award-winning wines in North Zealand

At Ørby Vineyard, you can taste and purchase the farm's award-winning, organic wines. The local wines from North Zealand have received gold medals, bronze medals, and trophies at the annual Danish Wine Show, where Ørby Vineyard has repeatedly demonstrated its commitment to high-quality wine production.

A unique, organic experience in the café

Visit the café/restaurant where you can have a gastronomic experience beyond the ordinary. Here, you can dine with friends and family and enjoy the lovely, organic wines from the farm's production.

Buy your favourites in the farm shop

Experience the award-winning wines yourself in the farm shop, where you can buy your favourites directly from the source. Take a bottle of red or white wine home for dinner or give it as a gift to someone you care about.

High-quality wine 

The story of Ørby Vineyard began in 2007 when Søren and Birthe Søndergaard planted the first 2200 vines. Today, they have expanded the vineyard to include 5000 vines, spanning a wide variety of red and white grape varieties, all approved by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.

Søren and Birthe are passionately dedicated to the art of winemaking, which is reflected in the meticulous care of the vines and their years of experience. From the first winter pruning in March to the last harvest in autumn, each phase of wine production is characterized by dedication and love for the art of winemaking.

Celebrate your birthday or event at Ørby Vineyard

It is also the perfect place to celebrate any occasion, from birthdays and confirmations to conferences and anniversaries. Additionally, keep an eye out for exciting wine events and tours where you can taste the farm's wines and learn more about the owners' passion for winemaking.