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The North Coast Bicycle Route 47 - Along the North Zealand Coast

A signposted cycle route through small cosy coastal towns and seaside resorts between Elsinore, Gilleleje and Hundested along the coast of North Sealand also called the Danish Riviera. The route takes you through unique natural areas, with unlimited views, charming coastal towns, fine beaches and sights that attract tourists from all over the world. You can cycle route 47 in one day, or divide it into several stages and spend the night in the charming coastal towns, on the road.

The North Coast route is the most popular of the North Sealand cycle routes and ideal for a family bike ride.

We have gathered our most child-friendly beaches here on the north coast. And here there is never far between the ice cream parlours and there are many places where you can take a dip. Stop in the small charming towns and fishing villages or stop at one of the many farm shops.
The North Coast route is also ideal for a romantic trip with the one you love, where you cycle all day and later enjoy dinner and evening at one of the idyllic seaside hotels, which are scattered along the coast.

Cycle in a day or spend a night on the route

The North Coast can be cycled quickly on the racing bike, and the 65 km can with guarantee be cycled faster than in 3 hours with a little tailwind. But we recommend one or two nights, so there is time to stop, take a dip in the sea, enjoy nature and the view of the Kattegat. There are many accommodation options along the way; beach hotels, private accommodation or campsites with cabins and glamping located less than 1 kilometre from the route.

An trip from A to B 

Route 47 is an A to B trip, between Elsinore and Hundested. You can start in Elsinore or Hundested, the choice is yours. Both cities can be reached by train from Copenhagen. You can take the bike with you on the train, read more about public transport to North Sealand. The trip takes about 45 minutes from Copenhagen to Elsinore, and 1 hour and 30 minutes from Copenhagen to Hundested.

If you are in North Sealand, you can take the yellow trains, North Sealand's local trains, between the towns on route 47. Are you out for a headwind, or was the lunch break on the beach a little too long, then it is possible to take the train to the next town on the trip.

Maintain energy and fluid balance on the bike ride

On the route, you will find several supermarkets, kiosks and gas stations where you can buy provisions. A little tip: If the water bottle has run out of water, look for a church that is often a faucet from which you can drain some water.

The choice is yours, gourmet, communal dining, vegetarian or organic. There is great variety in eateries along the way:

  • Dronningmoelle
  • Gilleleje
  • Vejby
  • Tisvildeleje
  • Liseleje
  • Hundested

Find food options along the North Coast Route 47

Three-day trip with two nights on the road, or a trip on the racing bike of 3 hours

Route 47 is without a doubt a beautiful ride on the racing bike, and the 65 km is guaranteed to be cycled faster than in 3 hours with a little tailwind. However, we recommend one or two nights on the road, so there is time to stop, take a dip in the sea on one of the many beaches, enjoy nature and the view of the Kattegat. We have gathered the child-friendly beaches on the north coast if you have children with you on the trip.

See the many accommodation options along the Danish Riviera. How you want to split the trip into stages, you decide, as well as whether it should be a campsite or a seaside hotel. Several of the accommodations are less than 1 mile from the route.

Three stops along the way

If you want to spice up your bike ride with a little art, you can stop by:

Practical information

  • Length: 65 km
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Time: 3 hours and 10 minutes according to Google, we recommend 2-3 days
  • Suitable for children: Yes
  • Pavement: Gravel 50% Asphalt 50% - Parts of the North Coast Route follows the Castle Route (Route 48).
  • ATMs: In the big cities on the trip
  • Download bicycle card: Nordkyststien Helsingør - Hundested
  • Download bike maps in Google maps: Google maps maps