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The MTB Route in Tisvilde Fence

Tisvilde Hegn offers some of Zealand's most challenging and scenic mountain bike trails. Here, you can experience a unique combination of technical trails, historic villages, and beautiful forest areas. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, you will find exciting challenges and nature experiences.

The tour covers most of Tisvilde Hegn and various terrains. The trail is adapted to the landscape as much as possible, so you will ride on both constructed gravel paths and natural forest trails. The entire trail is marked blue and is 31 km long but can be divided into three parts, which can be ridden individually. At 31 kilometres, it is the longest MTB trail on Zealand.

The trail in Tisvilde Hegn in three exciting parts

  • The Technical Trail: To the left towards Liseleje. The trail is 7 km long with an elevation gain of 80 meters.
  • The Southern Loop: The middle trail with Torup Village at the centre. The trail is 12 km long with an elevation gain of 220 meters.
  • The Northern Loop: To the right towards Tisvildeleje. The trail is 12 km long with an elevation gain of 260 meters.

A small tip

Avoid the horse trails in Tisvilde Hegn, as there is a long equestrian route in the forest. Follow the blue markers that indicate the MTB route.

See the Online Map of the Route

Sand or mud?

Tisvilde Hegn is characterized by sand drifts, which have created many hills. The sand drains rainwater quickly, so there is minimal mud on the trail.

Ride the route as a figure-8

The three parts of the route can be ridden in one long stretch by following a figure-8 with an extra circle. The entire route is approximately 31 km and is the longest MTB trail on Zealand.

If you have time for a break

Tisvilde Hegn is an exciting forest area with natural pearls, old castle ruins, and historical treasures. See, among other things, Asserbo Castle Ruin, the Troll Forest, Tisvildeleje Beach, and the lost village of Torup.


Start your bike tour at the parking lot by Asserbo Castle Ruin, Bækkebrovej parking, or at the parking lot by Tisvildeleje Beach.

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