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Local Train | Easily Navigate with Public Transport in North Zealand

North Zealand is connected by the yellow local train that runs from Helsingør to Hillerød and Hornbæk, from Hillerød to Gilleleje, and over Frederiksværk to Hundested. It's easy to take, but remember to press the stop button before you get off.

Get around North Zealand with the local train

The distances in North Zealand are not greater than can easily be covered by the local train. With a valid ticket, you can travel to attractions and places conveniently. For example, you can travel from Hillerød to Hundested in about 45 minutes and from Helsingør to Hornbæk in about 20 minutes.

Tickets for the local train

On selected routes, tickets can be purchased immediately in the onboard machines. You should have Danish cash ready for this. Otherwise, tickets can be bought at most major stations. You can use your Travel Card on all local trains, and you can order an SMS ticket. Remember to have received the ticket on your phone before boarding the train. Find out more about ticket sales and purchase tickets.

The local train has five routes in North Zealand:

  • Frederiksværk Line - Major stops are Hillerød, Frederiksværk, Hundested
  • Little North - Major stops are Helsingør, Fredensborg, Hillerød
  • Hornbæk Line - Major stops are Helsingør, Hornbæk, Gilleleje
  • Gribskov Line (Gilleleje) - Major stops are Hillerød, Græsted, Gilleleje
  • Gribskov Line (Tisvildeleje) - Major stops are Hillerød, Helsinge, Tisvildeleje

Navigate the local train schedules

Find out when the next train departs by checking departure times and stations on Rejseplanen.dk.

Remember to press stop

In North Zealand, the local train is yellow. It's not a bus, but when you need to get off, it can feel a bit like being on a bus. There are stop buttons distributed throughout the train, and it's important to pay attention when approaching smaller stations. The train doesn't stop automatically at all stations. Therefore, remember to press stop in good time so you get off at the right place.

Bring your bike for free on the train

It can be convenient to bring your bike on the train if your destination is a short distance from the station. It's free to bring your bike on the North Zealand local train, and there are straps in the bike compartment to secure your bike. Read more about bringing a bike and luggage on the train.

A train ride with a view

When you ride the train in North Zealand, you'll see a lot along the way. In Helsingør, you pass by the impressive Kronborg Castle. Towards Hornbæk, there's a view of the Øresund and Sweden, and from Gilleleje to Hillerød, the journey goes through Gribskov, which is among Denmark's largest forests. If you travel towards Hundested and Frederiksværk, you'll pass by fjords and meadows. A train ride is a delightful way to experience the area while going from A to B.

What to see when you get off the train:

  • Hillerød: Frederiksborg Castle, Parforce Hunting Landscape, The Little Ferry on the Castle Lake
  • Gilleleje: Cultural Harbor Gilleleje, fish restaurants, Kierkegaard by Nature
  • Fredensborg: Fredensborg Castle, Esrum Lake, Fredensborg Store Kro
  • Hundested: Knud Rasmussen's House, restaurants and cafes at Hundested Harbor, Spodsbjerg Lighthouse
  • Frederiksværk: Gjethuset, Gunpowder Works Museum, the historic city center