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Kaffehuset Liseleje - Organic Café by the waves of Kattegat in the heart of Liseleje.

Welcome to Kaffehuset in the heart of Liseleje, where you can enjoy a café experience by the waves of Kattegat. Step into a cosy atmosphere and let yourself be enchanted by the aroma of homemade cakes. Lunch awaits you in Kaffehuset's garden room or on the terrace in front of Liseleje Badehotel.

Kaffehuset offers an organic dining experience with delightful homemade cakes, a cosy ambience, and the soothing sound of Kattegat's waves in the background.

Indulge in a delightful lunch either in Kaffehuset's garden room or outside the terrace in front of the Badehotel. Our menu features a selection of delicious options, including smørrebrød, sandwiches, coffee, cakes, rosé, bubbles, and the vibrant spirit of small-town life.

Housed within the old and charming Liseleje Badehotel, Kaffehuset offers a genuinely unique setting right in the heart of the town and just 100 meters away from the beautiful Liseleje beach.

Whether seeking a peaceful retreat or a lively gathering with friends, Kaffehuset is the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy a delectable taste of organic delights. Savour every moment surrounded by the quaint beauty of Liseleje and the welcoming embrace of Kaffehuset.