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Frederiksværk City Camping & Hostel

In the middle of the old industrial town, Frederiksværk you find Frederiksværk City Camping & Hostel. From here there is a walking distance to pretty much everything you need to see and experience in Frederiksværk.

With Frederiksværk Camping and Hostel as a starting point, there are countless opportunities, whether your interests lie in art or history.

The proximity to the charming pedestrian street in town, with horse-drawn carriage rides and city tours, adds an extra experience. The campsite is lush and green, and in the backyard, the idyllic canal runs through the town. You can rent a canoe at the campsite and go on a canoe trip through the town and out to Denmark's largest lake, Arresø, or via the canal out to Roskilde Fjord, which opens up into a magnificent sight, with coastal areas and rich birdlife.

Experiences in the area

The capital is no more than 45 km from Frederiksværk, and the surrounding area offers Frederiksborg Castle, Fredensborg Palace, and the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.

Liseleje Beach, one of Zealand's best beaches, is just 6 km away. Nature is right around the corner as the site is located between three bodies of water: Denmark's largest lake, Arresø, Roskilde Fjord, and the Kattegat Sea. There are 3 km to Tisvilde Hegn with opportunities for long forest walks and where you can experience the exciting Troll Forest.