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Find the king's animals in Fredensborg

Help the King find all his animals in Fredensborg. The kids can help the King find all of his animals using an interactive game on the mobile phone.

The game is rooted in history: in the 18th century, King Frederik IV built a menagerie (a collection of wild animals) in the palace garden of Fredensborg.

Now, rabbits, bears, wolves and deer have unfortunately escaped. Download the Woop app and find ’Find Kongens Dyr’. The animals are hiding all over the town. Suitable for kids from 5 to 11 years.

A new and exciting way to experience Fredensborg - help the king find all his animals.

In the 18th century, King Frederik IV built a menagerie in the castle garden. A menagerie is a collection of animals, and that was exactly what the king had. The collection included wildlife and exotic birds which the king gladly displayed to guests as entertainment.

Your help is needed!

Rabbits, bears, wolves and deer have been released and hiding in the city. Download the Woop app, where you download apps and find the animals around the city and at the same time learn about wildlife and Fredensborg's fantastic history.

Find The King's Animals - An Exciting Mail Race!

You can go hunting in Fredensborg twice. Find the King's Animal 1 or Find the King's Animal 2. You decide which hunt to start with; they can be made separately.

Before you start, you must be at the starting point of the route - Find the starting point of the hunt on this map.

Questions and the route length are adapted to children aged 5-11.

HAPPY HUNT to all the king's helpers!