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Experience the rise and fall of Esrum Abbey through Augmented Reality

Esrum Abbey has been located in North Sealand since 1151. The old monastery is in tip-top shape and welcomes visitors with an exciting new Augmented Reality experience that is sure to amaze the audience. Tear down the entire monastery again after seeing it up close. Join us on a fantastic journey through the historic landscape around the abbey with an iPad in hand.

Starting April 1st, you can embark on a fantastic journey through the historical landscape of Esrum Abbey using Augmented Reality.

With an iPad in hand, you can resurrect the vanished buildings and get a rare glimpse into the monks' lives before the entire abbey is torn down again. Along the way, you will be guided by the "Spirit of Esrum Abbey," brought to life by the voice of the actor Lars Mikkelsen.

Explore the historic landscape.

Using Augmented Reality technology, you can go on a location-specific experience where the digital abbey emerges from the present-day landscape. You can rebuild the historic buildings in full size, and it feels like you're standing in the middle of history.

Get the story told by the "Spirit of Esrum Abbey."

The "Spirit of Esrum Abbey" is your guide on the journey to different spots in the landscape, where it unfolds the story for you. The spirit is the collective memory of Esrum Abbey and has seen everything and knows everything.

Experience the entire abbey complex.

At the start of the journey, all the abbey buildings pop up on the dynamic map. After that, the colossal abbey complex rises in front of you, and the spirit leads you to the holiest of holies - the monks' frater. You get a glimpse into the library, the dormitory, and down into a grave. Finally, you are led into the abbey courtyard, surrounded by the church and the large side wings, which collapse with a bang around you.

The story behind Esrum Abbey

Esrum Abbey was built by the monks in 1151 but was torn down by the king during the Reformation in 1536. In today's abbey landscape, it's hard to imagine what the colossal abbey complex actually looked like over 500 years ago and what significance it has had for our shared history.

The experience is for everyone.

The digital experience is aimed at anyone who can operate an iPad and is spoken in an easy-to-understand language, so that families with children can also participate.

Practical Information

  • Where: Esrum Abbey, Klostergade 11-12, Esrum, 3230 Græsted
  • When: All year round | The tour is approximately 500 meters long and takes 15 minutes.
  • Opening hours: Tuesday - Sunday, 10 am - 4 pm | The AR experience is included in the admission ticket and follows the opening hours of the abbey.
  • Price: Adults: 95 DKK // Children under 18: Free | The iPad is provided at the shop in Møllegården - where you also purchase your admission ticket. Remember to bring your ID, which will be held as a deposit for borrowing the iPad.