Ikoniske stribede badehuse på stranden i Rågeleje
Badehuse ved Gilleleje i gamle dage

This is The Danish Riviera

Photo:Sarah Green&VisitNordsjælland

A natural gem along the North Coast of Zealand

Welcome to The Danish Riviera, a picturesque coastal stretch spanning over 200 kilometres along the North Zealand coast - from Sejerø Bay in the east to the Øresund Strait in the west. The area boasts a fascinating history and a range of unique experiences waiting to be explored. The story of The Danish Riviera dates back to the 19th century when it became Denmark's first beach destination. Famous personalities like H.C. Andersen, Søren Kierkegaard, and P.S. Krøyer sought refuge in the secluded coastal areas, finding inspiration in the raw nature.




"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards” Quote: Kierkegaard

Gilleleje Badehotel i gamle dage
Photo: VisitNordsjælland
Glade børn i gammel veteranbil foran Gilleleje Badehotel i gamle dage
Photo: VisitNordsjælland

Which splendid beach do you wish to enjoy today?

Just a short and pleasant 30-40 minute drive from the heart of Copenhagen reveals the enchanting beaches along the Danish Riviera. Whether your heart yearns to cast a line into the sea, stroll along the shoreline with your four-legged friend, create cosy moments with your beloved family, or immerse yourself in the playful waves, there is a beach waiting just for you.

So let us journey to these magical beaches, where the passage of time seems to align with the rhythmic song of the waves and where each grain of sand promises unforgettable moments in the beautiful coastal landscape.

Copenhageners' favorites: The best destinations along the Danish Riviera

In the 1930s, beach trains to the Danish Riviera became very popular - especially on weekends when working people took advantage of cheap train tickets to Gilleleje and Tisvildeleje. The train provided an opportunity to get fresh air and a bit of tranquillity, far away from the busy city. This longstanding tradition continues to this day, where residents of Copenhagen still head to the North Zealand coastal areas from the city to enjoy beach life and the charming seaside towns along the North Coast.

The Danish Riviera is a true treasure trove of old and modern culture, enriched with rural charm. Here, the romantic castles and breathtaking castle gardens exude the magic of history, and in the museums, you can experience everything from locally renowned to internationally acclaimed art. Simultaneously, the beautiful golden beaches invite sunbathing, relaxation, and fun for the whole family. As the day winds down, a comfortable bed always awaits rest.

Explore the charming seaside towns along the Danish Riviera

Like a string of pearls, they lie there, the idyllic seaside towns along the North Coast. These small, atmospheric harbour towns offer a glimpse into authentic surroundings where the local fishermen roam and provide maritime culinary experiences, refreshing beers, and delightful walks by the sea.

They all have in common that they are brimming with exciting adventures. Whether you're interested in history, culture, shopping, active holidays, or pure relaxation, along the Danish Riviera, you'll find an abundance of marinas and lively harbours that warmly welcome visitors.

Discover your dream accommodation along the Danish Riviera.

In North Zealand, a string of accommodation options awaits. Whether you dream of experiencing the magic of a seaside hotel, enjoying the warm atmosphere of a family hotel, or finding peace and relaxation at a campsite, there's something for every taste and budget.

Enjoy the classic beach hotels, where history and elegance blend into an unforgettable experience. Settle in at the cosy family hotels that pamper you with their welcoming atmosphere and excellent amenities. For the adventurous souls, one of the many campsites or B&Bs will warmly welcome you and give you the feeling of being at home away from home.

Whether you dream of hearing the lapping waves at your window, having your family around you, or seeking a peaceful oasis, you can find it along the North Coast of the Danish Riviera.

Savor the taste of the Danish Riviera

The Danish Riviera is also rich in gastronomy. Enjoy Nordic cuisine: open sandwiches with herring, liver pâté, or potatoes, and treat yourself to a little break with street food from around the world or an excellent local ice cream. Idyllic farm shops in the countryside and charming cafes and restaurants in the towns: the taste of the Riviera is diverse.

The treasury of history: Explore culture, history, and nature on the North Coast of Zealand

Culture. History. Coastline. Nature. This is the brief version. But behind these words, you'll discover numerous experiences that should be remembered. Palaces, castles, and the ancient medieval monastery are more than just bricks. They are iconic sites where history comes alive and unfolds through festivals and events.

Experience culture and history through Louisiana's modern art, Nivaagaard Collection's classical masterpieces, Rudolph Tegner's Museum's powerful sculptures, and Munkeruphus' contemporary art. These places weave past and present together in a harmonious dance of artistic expression. Explore exhibitions, festivals, and events that bring history and creativity to life. These places are not just stones and walls but portals to a deeper understanding of our cultural heritage and human creativity. Visit them on your vacation along the Danish Riviera.