Frederiksborg Castle with the castle lake in front, as seen from the Square in Hillerød on a summer day.

7 Things to Experience at and Around Frederiksborg Castle

Photo: Daniel Overbeck

A visit to Frederiksborg Castle and the Museum of National History is synonymous with gold, glamour, exhibitions, art, and impressive gardens. We've compiled a list of 7 must-sees when visiting Frederiksborg Castle and the impressive surroundings in which it is situated.

1. Gold and Glamour in the Knights' Hall and the Audience Chamber

In the Knights' Hall,  Christian IV among others held his grand and unforgettable feasts. It's not difficult to imagine how impressive they must have been when you see the extravagant decorations.

When officials, clergy, and ordinary people had audiences with the king, it took place in the Audience Chamber. Notice the built-in elevator in the chamber, where the king could discreetly escape after the audience.

The audience hall at Frederiksborg Castle with extravagant decoration in the 18th century.

The Auditorium Hall where the king received his guests.©VisitNorthsealandPhoto:Ann Jørgensen

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2. The Castle Chapel at Frederiksborg Castle

There is gold from floor to ceiling when you enter the Castle Chapel at Frederiksborg Castle. Danish kings and queens were anointed here, and today, many people get married in the chapel. Christian V was the first of several royals to be anointed in the Frederiksborg Castle Chapel.

The castle church at Frederiksborg Castle seen from above the organ with gold, glitter and ornaments.

Frederiksborg Castle Church, where Danish royalty has been crowned.©VisitNorthsealandPhoto:Daniel Rasmussen / VisitCopenhagen

3. Denmark's National Portrait Gallery

Here, you can see an exhibition with hundreds of portraits of people who have shaped Danish history. See portraits of Danish royals Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary, and Queen Margrethe, among others.

You can also see portraits of Denmark's former kings and queens, as well as paintings of prime ministers, politicians, and pivotal events in Danish history.

Painting of Crown Prince Frederik in a suit and decorations, hanging on a dark blue wall with spotlight.

See, among other things, portraits of Crown Prince Frederik in the portrait gallery.©Maleri: Ralph Heiman, 2018.Photo:Ann Jørgensen

4. Special Exhibitions Featuring Artists and Royals

At Frederiksborg Castle, you can experience changing special exhibitions featuring contemporary artists and the Danish royal family. For example, painter and former lead singer of the band Kashmir, Kasper Eistrup, exhibited his paintings at the castle, and Crown Princess Mary's wedding dress was displayed on the occasion of her 50th birthday.

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5. Children's Frederiksborg

Frederiksborg Castle is also for children. If you are between the ages of 6 and 12, you can explore Danish history and win fun prizes. There are also season-specific children's experiences during most holidays.

The Baroque Garden at Frederiksborg Castle seen from the air with symmetric paths and the opal lake.

The Baroque Garden (in the middle) and the castle park (on the left).Photo:Tine Uffelmann

6. The Symmetrical Baroque Garden and Romantic Castle Park

Take a stroll in the Baroque Garden and feel how your inner perfectionist relaxes. The garden is designed strictly according to the principles of the Baroque era: it has a perspective effect, is perfectly straight, and symmetrical.

In the Castle Park, you immerse yourself in the romantic dream of nature that was popular in the 1800s. The paths wind gracefully between trees, ponds, and lakes, and you can see small islands with the royal bathhouse and a Norwegian manor in miniature.

The King's Star in the Par Force Hunting Landscape seen from above with the eight straight roads radiating from the center.

The King's Star in Store Dyrehave.Photo:Daniel Overbeck

7. Continue into the Par Force Hunting Landscape

The surrounding cultural landscape in North Zealand is an important part of the history of Frederiksborg Castle. While the royals lived in the castle, they held hunts in the forests of North Zealand, including in Store Dyrehave near Hillerød. Here, the king practised the (barbaric) Par Force Hunt, which involved chasing game until exhaustion.

Today, you can walk along the symmetrically laid out paths that the king's soldiers created to enable the Par Force Hunt. The cultural landscape in the forest is on UNESCO's World Heritage List, and the "King's Star" (Kongestjernen) in the middle of the forest with its many intersecting paths is a remarkable experience.

Extra tip:

Join one of the exciting guided tours where knowledgeable guides take you around the castle and share its history. Check when the next tour starts (scroll down to "guided tours").

7 Things to Experience at and Around Frederiksborg Castle

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Photo: Ann Jørgensen