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Coronavirus Information | Covid - 19 | Test sites in North Sealand

Photo: Daniel Overbeck

Are you on holiday or visiting North Sealand, and you require a COVID-19 test before you visit one of the sights restaurants, i.e. Here is an overview of the different PCR-test sites!

Do you NOT have a Danish social security number?

You can easily show up at a test centre and have a test performed without a Danish civil registration number. The test site ensures that you are set up and notified via your mobile. Then you must register at Here it is possible to see test answers, as well as download or print the answer.


  • You can get a quick test done by showing up at a quick test centre
  • You must register at:
  • At you can subsequently see your result of the test and print it out


Rapid test against payment

At some health centres around the country, it is possible to have a rapid test, for a fee.

Test of children

Children from the age of two may have a PCR test performed. If the child is under 2 years of age, your own doctor must be contacted first.