Photo: Halsnæs Kommune

South of Frederiksværk is Ølsted. Situated amid beautiful scenery and with a view that reaches as far as Lynæs and Roskilde Cathedral.

The former gravel pit is very much worth a visit, as volunteer enthusiasts have succeeded in transforming it into a wonderful recreation area. Here you can spend the night in shelters, take a stroll in the nature playground, picnic with your friends and family, enjoy the view over a coffee on one of the benches at the top, or sit back in the grass down at the bottom of the gravel pit and see concerts under the open sky.

Young people flock to ‘Olliestedet’ in Ølsted with skateboards, scooters and roller skates because the large hall has everything for speeding wheels. Nature, culture and the skater environment make Ølsted an urban society for all ages. Ølsted is a small community with lots of heart located in a scenic area south of Frederiksværk, midway between Lake Arresø and Roskilde Fjord.


De unge tager til Olliestedet i Ølsted med skateboard, løbehjul og rulleskøjter under armen, for den store hal har alt det, der skal til for at få fart under hjulene. Natur, kultur og skatermiljø gør Ølsted til et bysamfund for alle aldre. Ølsted er et lille bysamfund med stort engagement, der ligger i et naturskønt område syd for Frederiksværk midt mellem Arresø og Roskilde Fjord.