Græsted Veterantræf

Attractions & events in Græsted

Photo: Alex Nyborg Madsen

All year round there are various events in and around Græsted. The vintage train comes by, there are veteran meetings and market days in the newly renovated square in front of Græsted Inn, where you can also experience the Græsted Revyen.


Esrum Abbey & Millyard- Experience the Magic of History and Scenic Surroundings.

Esrum Abbey is a beautiful destination in green surroundings, offering space for reflection, learning, and play. Here, you can feel the tranquillity in which the monks lived and experience the grandeu...

The nature playground by Esrum Abbey
Photo: Esrum Kloster og Møllegård

The nature playground by Esrum Abbey

Come back to the Middle Ages at Esrum Kloster's beautiful natural playground.


The Tisvilde Pilgrimage Route

Look forward to a bouquet of varied experiences. On the Tisvilde Pilgrimage Route, you’ll encounter a part of North Sealand in all its immediate and natural splendour.