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Nordsjællands Konference Center

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High ceilings, sparkling fountains and modern exclusive facilities in North Sealand. Welcome to the North Sealand Conference Center in Lillerød - just 30 minutes from Copenhagen.

Nordsjællands KonferenceCenter
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Nordsjællands KonferenceCenter-Salsopstilling
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Welcome to Nordsjælland's Conference Center in Allerød. If you want to book a conference, meeting or site inspection, please get in touch with us directly by email or phone.

Gydevang 39-41, DK -3450 Allerød | Tel.: +454813 0240
www.nokc.dk | Mail: konf@nokc.dk



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Gydevang 39

3450 Allerød


Longitude: 12.350535

Latitude: 55.889538

We have space and framework for more extensive and smaller events, private cosy and tailor-made parties where we take care of everything and efficient conferences with the opportunity to use world-class auditoriums with room for 230 guests and several conference rooms in varied sizes of high quality.

Our culinary cuisine is based in the Nordic region with a touch of international charm, and the restaurant offers a unique atmosphere in a bright and inviting setting. We have the opportunity to divide the beautiful rooms into sections and thus create a cosy atmosphere regardless of whether you are quite a few or 360 guests.

We have many years of experience coordinating conferences, preferably with creative input and suggestions for various activities and meeting breaks.

We also form the framework for many private celebrations and use our cosy Restaurant and beautiful marble hall with the evocative fountain and beautiful ficus trees. Our experienced coordinators tailor the memorable private celebration from A-Z with you.

Nordsjællands KonferenceCenter-Bordopdækning

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High ambitions are embedded in the building's DNA, and this infectious spirit is shared by all our employees who take pride in providing attentive and genuine service to all our wonderful guests. We provide full attention to our guests before, during, and after events, always bidding them farewell with a "see you again."

Our venue offers unique spaces, and we provide the flexibility to tailor the setting to the specific needs of each guest and customer. There's a lot we can do to make your event truly special.

Our restaurant team takes great care to pamper your senses with seasonal ingredients and wines tailored to your taste.

Our experienced team is dedicated to guiding you through the process of planning special meetings and celebrations, ensuring an exemplary experience from start to finish.

This allows you to fully enjoy the day and focus on what truly matters - your event and your guests.

Nordsjællands KonferenceCenter

In January 1996, new owners took over the Scandinavian Trade Building and shortly after, the North Sealand Conference Center was created and the house's restaurant opened.Photo:Nordsjællands KonferenceCenter

The building was Ole Berg's lifelong dream. His ultimate goal was to create a new and international business centre that would revolutionize the corporate culture in Denmark with its focus on design, dynamism, well-being, and motivation.

The building was designed to serve as a framework for future internationally oriented companies, providing them with the opportunity to effectively position themselves to meet the demands and challenges that modern companies would face in the years to come.

The Scandinavian Trade Building, which is now also known as Nordsjællands KonferenceCenter, was built in the early 1990s by Ole Berg, the founder of Time/system International, in collaboration with one of Sweden's largest real estate companies, PLEIAD Scandinavia, and the well-known construction company C.G. Jensen (now Skanska).

The then-Minister of the Interior, Thor Pedersen (V), participated in the first sod-cutting ceremony in June 1990. In the summer of 1991, he presided over the "raw house inauguration" of the building. The Scandinavian Trade Building was officially inaugurated in January 1992.

Building style and decor

The auditorium was no exception to Ole Berg's zeal: he had to discuss and rule with his French supplier to get the perfect chairs.

However, he persuaded the manufacturer to make the desired improvements… fortunately, for they are incredibly comfortable. Since then, this type of chair has been sold to luxury conference centres worldwide.

The fountain in the hall - constructed in Roman style - is conducive to tranquillity and contemplation during the day. At evening parties, it contributes to the magical atmosphere that ensures a perfect balance between the solemn and the fun.

The Scandinavian Trade Building is held in an internationally inspired building style in Denmark. The building, on three floors, is centred around the large bright hall. The entrance is an impressive brass portal inspired by a building on 5th—avenue in New York.

The hall itself is also inspired by the building itself, which, incidentally, has a marble floor perfectly similar to it. Ole Berg retrieved the last stones from the same quarry in Italy.

The six ficus trees are also imported from Italy. The lava stones in the centre's restaurant are imported from Iceland, and more than 20 Shopping Centers inspire the elegant glass elevator in the USA.

Ole Berg and the Aarhus architect Jørgen Johansen travelled America thinly to find the perfect inspiration. This then resulted in the beautiful elevator that was nevertheless built in Denmark.

Change of ownership

In January 1996, new owners took over the Scandinavian Trade Building and shortly after, the North Sealand Conference Centre was created, and the house's restaurant opened.

Today, the Scandinavian Trade Building is also home to several external companies renting out the centre's many offices.

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