Your Next Getaway: Mussels, Glass Art, and Sand Sculptures in Hundested

Photo: Nikolaj Danielsen

Take your partner or a friend to Hundested and explore the authentic fishing atmosphere and vibrant artistic scene in this northern Zealand harbour town. Wander through the sculptures at Hundested Sand Sculpture Park, admire glass and jewelry art, and indulge in waterfront food.

1. See the Sculptural Artworks in Hundested Sand Sculpture Park

We are accustomed to sculptures made of bronze or steel lasting for centuries. However, in Hundested Sand Sculpture Park, the enormous sculptures are made of compacted sand, ceasing to exist at the end of the season.

As you walk among the captivating and often moving works in sand, you experience a snapshot. It is transience in its purest form, nothing but natural material, and you feel the excitement of experiencing something beautiful and breathtaking for the last time.

Because even though Hundested Sand Sculpture Park returns year after year, the sculptures are never the same.

A horse floats away in this sand sculpture in Hundested Sand Sculpture Park.

The captivating sculptures are made of sand and only exist during the season at Hundested Sand Sculpture Park. Next year, new works will replace the old ones.Photo:Nikolaj Danielsen

2. The Elegance of Glass at Backhaus Brown

At Backhaus Brown, you see what glass art can be when handled by skilled, visionary hands. Upon entering the "smithy," you are greeted by beautiful art: glass bowls, vases, glassware, and special Viking ships, among others. And you can see how the objects are made, as the artisans blow glass in the open workshop.

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The beautiful glass art is exhibited at the glassblowing studio Backhaus Brown in Hundested.

Visit Backhaus Brown and Bendix Copenhagen, where you can experience glass and jewellery art by skilled artisans.Photo:Nikolaj Danielsen

3. Bendix Copenhagen Creates Jewellery Art at the Harbour

Next to Backhaus Brown is the jewellery shop and studio Bendix Copenhagen. Leave the harbour's raw fishing atmosphere behind and step into a sophisticated universe of gold and diamonds. 

The store itself is an experience: furniture and decorations are carefully selected, with dark colours on the walls and clean lines, and a large wall mural on the end wall. The jewellery is handmade and of the highest quality.

4. Visit the Artisans in Kajgaden Street

Now you can return to Kajgaden (with Hundested Sand Sculpture Park), where the shops and studios are located side by side in the low barracks. Stroll through the street and explore the treasures of the artisans. There are working workshops, local design shops, coffee roasters, clothing, and glasses.

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A waiter is ready to serve in the morning sun on the terrace outside the Knud eatery in Hundested.

At restaurant Knud, named after the Greenlandic explorer Knud Rasmussen, you can enjoy delicious classics, freshly caught fish, and seafood.Photo:Nikolaj Danielsen

5. Enjoy Mussels and Lobster at Restaurant Knud

On the other side of the harbour basin is restaurant Knud, serving unpretentious classics with the finesse that can elevate any meal.

You dine in relaxed, rustic surroundings and can enjoy mussels, tartare, pan-fried fish, and whatever else is on the menu, which changes with the season.

As acclaimed Danish food critic Martin Kongstad wrote in his review in the Danish newspaper Politiken: Hundested has gotten a restaurant worth a detour. 

 A woman sits wrapped in blankets, gazing out into nature in a surf shack at Lynæs Surfcenter.

Sleep (almost) outdoors in the charming surf shacks at Lynæs Surfcenter, where you wake up to the most beautiful view of nature.Photo:Sarah Green

6. End the Day in Surf Schacks at Lynæs Surfcenter

When the last mussel is eaten, you can say goodbye to the day on the mattresses in the surf shacks at Lynæs Surfcenter. The small fishing village is only a ten-minute drive from Hundested but is a universe in itself with a surf shop, café, communal dinners, and charming surf shacks with panoramic views