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Rokkedyssegaard på Nordkysten

On the road between Vejby and Rågeleje, you'll find Rokkedyssegaard on the North Coast. Enjoy the fresh berries picked every morning, pick your own strawberries in season, and try the delicious berry brunch. Also, visit the cozy farm café in the old barn.

The berries are harvested every morning

Located between Vejby and Rågeleje lies Gundekildegaard, also known as Rokkedyssegaard on the North Coast.

As you stroll down the "Strawberry Avenue", you'll reach the historic Gundekildegaard, where our farm shop and café are housed in the renovated stable buildings.

Every morning, we start with our daily berry harvest at Rokkedyssegaard in Kirke Værløse and bring them to our cozy farm shop and café on the North Coast.

Outside, you can relax and enjoy the view of the fields, and when the season is at its peak, you can pick fresh strawberries yourself.

Fresh strawberries and raspberries in the farm shop

In the farm shop, you'll find a selection of ultra-fresh Rokkedysse strawberries, raspberries, and other local berries every day. Additionally, we offer freshly picked asparagus, new potatoes, and a variety of other fresh vegetables, all from Rokkedyssegaard.

Homemade ice cream, smoothies, and cakes

The farm shop features an ice cream bar and café where you can treat yourself to homemade ice cream, refreshing smoothies, and delicious cakes, all made with our fresh berries. Our special Rokkedysse ice cream is a favorite among our guests, as it's made with over 50% berries, giving it a unique and intense flavor.

Try a berry brunch at Gundekildegaard

We also offer a special berry brunch experience where you can enjoy our fresh berries and other delicacies either here at Gundekildegaard or at Rokkedyssegaard in Kirke Værløse. Remember to book your berry brunch online at least one day in advance.

When can I pick my own strawberries?

From mid-June to early July, our pick-your-own strawberry field at Gundekildegaard opens, where you can enjoy a fun day picking your own juicy strawberries.

  • The entrance fee is 35 DKK for adults and 25 DKK for children under 12 years old.
  • You pay for the berries you pick by weight.
  • You can also get a season pass that gives you free access to picking at both Gundekildegaard and Rokkedyssegaard.

The farm shop is open from 10 am to 5 pm throughout the peak season from mid-May to mid-August, so there's always an opportunity to get fresh berries and local delicacies.

Experienced berry growers are behind Gundekildegaard

The well-known berry growers Lisbeth and Torben Bo from Rokkedysse Bær are behind Rokkedyssegaard, who for years have supplied Copenhagen's finest restaurants with their quality berries.