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One of Contemporary Art's Great Names - Experience Roni Horn at the Louisiana Museum

Explore Roni Horn's complex, serial works and delve into her dialogue with the world of film. One of contemporary art's greatest names has come to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.

The Detours of Identity and Works in Series

Discover one of contemporary art's great names in the exhibition of American artist Roni Horn at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. In the exhibition, you'll encounter a wide range of works: from two almost identical images of a neck to glass-like "seat cushions/stools" in various shades of neon green to photographs of the same person as a child and adult.

Common to the works is that Roni Horn often works serially and therefore produces many variations on the same theme - usually open questions about identity. This requires the viewer to pay attention to detail and develop a familiar relationship with her art.

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In Dialogue with von Trier and Hitchcock

In the exhibition, you'll also see Roni Horn's art in dialogue with major film luminaries such as Lars von Trier, Alfred Hitchcock, Ingmar Bergman, and others. Roni Horn is indeed a great film enthusiast. Her works therefore stand alongside clips from visionary films that contribute to a deeper understanding of her art.

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