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Join Arresø Sejladsen M/S "Frederikke" for a boat trip.

Experience untouched and uniquely beautiful nature - and go on a boat trip with the tour boat M/S Frederikke on Denmark's largest lake – Arresø.


Join a boat trip with the wooden ship M/S Frederikke on Arresø

Enjoy a wonderful boat trip with the tour boat M/S Frederikke, the uncrowned queen of Arresø. During the summer months, M/S Frederikke sails daily trips on Arresø. The beautiful old wooden boat can accommodate up to 50 people. Frederikke sails from Arresødal near Frederiksværk in North Zealand and also docks at the small Auderød Harbor on Arrenæs and Ramløse Harbor in July.

In addition to the regular trips on weekdays and weekends, Frederikke offers special-themed trips throughout the summer and fall. These trips have historical and cultural content, including the Nightingale tour on Whit Monday, the Midsummer's Eve tour, and the last tour of the year, the Fall Foliage tour in September.

M/S Frederikke sails on Arresø from May to September.

  • May 4 - June 23, Saturdays and Sundays at 2:00 PM
  • May 9 at 2:00 PM
  • May 18, 19 and 20 at 2:00 PM
  • June 25 - August 11, daily at 2:00 PM
  • August 17 - September 28, Saturdays and Sundays at 2:00 PM
  • Adults DKK 90.- excl. fee | Children 4-12 years DKK 45.- excl. fee | Buy tickets

M/S Frederikke – loaded with stories and experiences

Good stories often take their starting point in the history of the human community evolving through people with knowledge and skills, but also imagination, dreams, and beliefs. Such is the story of Arresø, nature, and the life that people have lived around it.

That is the narrative you are drawn into when sailing with Frederikke because a boat trip on the lake is both a unique nature experience and a journey into the historical narrative. Since 1992, Frederikke has sailed on Arresø, Denmark's largest lake, and is the only tour boat of its kind.

Count churches and discover sights along the way

On the lake, you have the opportunity to see 5 churches: Vinderød Church, Ramløse Church, Annisse Church, Lille Lyngby Church, and Kregme Church. Frederiksværk Church can be seen if you walk along the canal towards Frederiksværk city. It is located right next to the wide river path. Near the boat, you can also visit the public Arresødal Park at Arresødal Castle, where there is also a path to a birdwatching spot with the most beautiful view of Arresø.

More experiences from the water

You can paddle through the beautiful canal from Roskilde Fjord, through Frederiksværk, to Arresø with a canoe or kayak. Be aware that there are two portages on the way. If you paddle around the entire Arresø, it is a trip of about 42 km. The area is equipped for a possible overnight stay.

Sailing with smaller vessels without a motor is allowed all year outside bird protection areas. Windsurfing is allowed on the northern part of the lake. Kitesurfing is not allowed.

Practical information for the trip

  • For large groups of children, you are responsible for bringing life jackets.
  • Swimming
  • It is not allowed to swim in Arresø due to water quality. But the area offers many other lovely activities.

Find your way

If you come from the north to Arresødal and M/S Frederikke, your GPS may lead you down the road from the Vinderød side! That road is blocked by a barrier. Therefore, continue towards Frederiksværk and Hillerød to the large roundabout at McDonald's with the blue gate. Take the road around the entire roundabout and drive the same way you came from. About 400 m ahead on the right, there is a sign for the tour boat Frederikke.