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Halsninoen | 52 km hiking route through Halsnæs

The signposted hiking route, Halsninoen, takes you on a friendly varied 52 km. Trip from Hundested in the west to Strø Bjerge in the south.

Experience Halsninoen in more miniature stages or its length, at once or over several days. It is possible to hop on and off the local train and begin the route in several places.

Halsninoen - 52 km signposted hiking route through Halsnæs from Hundested in the west to Strø Bjerge in the south. Halsnæs offers very different nature, hilly landscapes, salt marshes, grasslands, beautiful heath, winding country roads, extensive deep forests, Roskilde and Isefjord and Denmark's largest lake, Arresø. Get to know nature through the hilly landscape.

Where does the route begin?

  • If you start the route from Hundested, you can take the Local Railway directly to Hundested and Hundested harbour from Hillerød station. Take the short walk to Mellemrummet, the green recreational area in the middle of the city between the harbour and Strandvejen. From here, the route begins.
  • If you start the route from Strø Bjerge, take the train from Hillerød or Hundested to Grimstrup station/step board. Here the trail begins to the south.
  • Halsninoen can begin anywhere. You do not have to start in either Hundsted or Strø Bjerge. Find the route on the map you want to go, find out how to get there by either bike, train, bus or car and start from there. There are parking spaces at the stations where you can park.

See til map or download it.

Accommodation on your way

If you go Halsninoen in a stretch, you probably need an overnight stay. For this, the area is perfect. You will find all kinds of accommodation in Halsnæs. Everything from B & Bs, lovely hotels, shelters in the woods, and luxury glamping tents on the campsites.

If you want a roof over your head and a good bed, there are hotels in Ølsted, Frederiksværk, Lynæs and Hundested. The area offers five good campsites, several of which provide luxury glamping tents with a nice bed to sleep in. You will also find it at Lynæs Surfcenter, where you can book the hip surf shacks or cosy glamping tents.

If you would rather sleep in one with nature, you will find several shelters in the forests and places where there is free tenting and where you can pitch your tent. Some shelters can be booked in advance with the Danish Nature Agency.

Food & drink on the tour

Along the entire route, you will find grocery stores to shop in the cities. The area also offers a wide range of restaurants, from pizzerias to the newer Nordic cuisine and everything in between. Many small farm shops sell locally produced goods along the route.

Water and toilets along the route

During the summer period, there are few water posts available along the route for free. You will find these water posts in Strø Bjerge, Ølsted Grusgrav, by Ladegårdssøen on Arrenæs, in Auderød Naturhavn, Asserbo Golf Club, Frederiksværk, Lynæs and Hundested harbours.

It is possible to use the toilet at petrol stations, port areas, and stations.


In some routes, accessibility can be hampered by stairs or climbs that are not good for people who are walking badly or need aid.

On the part of the route that goes through Grønnessegaard's fields, along Klintestien by Lynæs and through the scout camp at Arrenæs, it is not allowed to ride the bike.

Otherwise, the route can best be described as a varied route in soft terrain with numerous hills, stairs and stunning views.

Remember to take care of nature.

Take your waste with you, also from the dog. There are only a few bins along the route.