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Experience Denmark's history at Æbelholt Klosterruin | Tour and museum exhibition

Join an exciting tour of the Æbelholt Kloster ruins near Hillerød and experience the history of one of the largest Augustinian monasteries in the Nordic region.

The monastery existed in the area from approximately 1175-1550 and served as a hospital, hostel, and educational centre for priests, and had the right of burial. After the death and canonization of Abbot Vilhelm, the monastery became a popular pilgrimage site for thousands of pilgrims, sick and poor people seeking the help of miracles or indulgences at Vilhelm's grave.

Join us and learn about life in the monastery.

Today, Æbelholt Kloster is in ruins, but it is still possible to experience its history. On tour, you can learn about life in the monastery and visit the monastery garden, where selected medicinal plants will be introduced. After the tour, you can also visit the small museum and see an exhibition of archaeological finds from excavations in the area, including skeletons, medical instruments, pilgrimage signs, love amulets, and other exciting discoveries.

Practical information:

  • Date: Wednesday, June 13th and September 12th at 3:00-4:30 pm.
  • Location: Æbelholt Klostermuseum, Æbelholt 4, 3400 Hillerød.
  • Price dkk 50.- ex fee | Buy tickets 
  • It is also recommended to wear practical shoes and an extra sweater since it can be cold at the ruins, especially if it's windy.

Don't hesitate to take this exciting tour, where you can experience Denmark's history up close.