What meets the eye

Photo: Tine Uffelmann

We really do not want to brag, but you will find some of the best museums outside of Copenhagen in Royal North Sealand. And you will also find some very interesting places, we would prefer to keep secret - but since it's you and your clients, we will tell you anyway.

Please note - all the below can be combined and reached within a day. You can even go on a bicycle to and from some of them. 

We recommend:

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is situated on the North Sealand coast in a spacious, old park with a fine view across the sound of Sweden. Louisiana's collection of modern art has an international perspective and importance including all genres - emphasizing painting and sculpture. The collection is shown partially in varying selected presentations. Come on in!

The Nivaagaard Collection
From the Italian Renaissance to modern art - The Nivaagaard Collection is a small, cosy and classical art museum with a unique collection of 500 years of world art. It is situated in a beautiful old rhododendron park and annually displays two or three special exhibitions with both classical and modern art. The museum with the original Rembrandt 

Rudolph Tegner's Museum & Statue Park
This is one of the most extraordinary places in all of North Sealand, and it has to be experienced to fully understand why. It is the realisation of an artists passion fulfilled in a combination of sculpture, architecture and nature. The museum was built in 1938 as one of the first concrete buildings in Denmark and hosts more than 250 of the artist's other works in plaster, clay, marble and bronze, and the Rudolph Tegner himself was buried beneath the museum floor. A very special place!

Danish Handcraft - Hundested Harbour
Within the last five years, the harbour of Hundested has turned into the place to be, if you are a talented handcrafts person. Most famous are "The Glasskibe" - handmade glass ships, which today are exported all over the world, but the jewellery brand Bendix Copenhagen is also quite famous.  All the shops are situated within walking distance and you are also invited to see the process of producing glass art. The world of "Glasskibe"