Sankt Helene Feriecenter

Sankt Helene Centret

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An oasis in North Sealand, with high ceilings, windy hair and thereby the opportunity to slow down - and this applies to you who want a business stay.

Fåreflokken på Sankt Helene
© VisitNordsjællandPhoto: Sankt Helene Feriecenter
Sankt Helene Feriecenter
© VisitNordsjællandPhoto: Sankt Helene Feriecenter

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Welcome to the Sankt Helene Center in Tisvildeleje. If you want to book a conference, meeting or site inspection, please get in touch with us directly by email or phone.

Bygmarken 30, DK - 3220 Tisvildeleje | Tel.: +454870 9850 | Mail:


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Bygmarken 30

3220 Tisvildeleje


Longitude: 12.091874

Latitude: 56.061401

At Sankt Helene, you can also go on a city break in Copenhagen. Leave the car with us and return home to beautiful nature and the beach after a long day in the capital. Or take the bike and experience North Sealand's culture and character from its best side. Visit the castles and museums, which are closer than anywhere else in Denmark.

Whether for a buffet, a la carte or the Chefs Choice, you can calmly set high expectations. Find your place, relax and be pampered - and then at prices where everyone can join.

Sankt Helene Feriecenter

©VisitNordsjællandPhoto:Sankt Helene Feriecenter

In the beautiful, green region of North Sealand, you'll find Sankt Helene in Tisvildeleje. Sankt Helene is a lovely holiday and conference centre for anyone seeking to stay in beautiful surroundings, whether alone, with family, for everyday life and parties, on a course, or as a participant.

Sankt Helene Conference Center in Tisvildeleje provides the ideal framework for building relationships! We're perched high atop North Sealand, nestled between forest and beach. We're suited for individual treatment, so tell us about your needs. You'll receive professional hospitality in a relaxed atmosphere, focusing on presence and flexibility, and green, healthy menus prepared from scratch in our kitchen.

Take advantage of nature

• Unique location on 12 hectares of natural land in Tisvildeleje. Exciting "free time" and outdoor activities. • Play & Learn – Walk and Talk trails. • Large, bright rooms with direct access to nature. • Bring nature in – views from all meeting rooms.

Physical facilities

• 80 single and double rooms. • 8 meeting rooms – largest plenary accommodates up to 250 people. • Valet bar for evening entertainment and social gatherings. • Restaurant and café.

Value creation

• Far from the city's bustle. • Quiet and focused on the essentials. • Professional partners who create high-performance teams. • Delicious and healthy menus ensure no one loses energy.

Fåreflokken på Sankt Helene

©VisitNordsjællandPhoto:Sankt Helene Feriecenter

Sankt Helene was built in 1991 on 12 hectares around the former country estate of Vieholmgård. The farm's history dates back to 1894, long before tourists discovered Tisvildeleje's beautiful beaches and the Tisvilde Hegn forest.

The centre was initially intended to replace the old hostel in Tisvilde, but it grew and became the holiday and conference centre it is today. With support from the Arbejdsmarkedets Feriefond, which provided a loan of approximately sixty million Danish kroner, Sankt Helene could open its doors with 40 rooms, 25-holiday apartments, and 28-holiday cabins.

Over the years, Sankt Helene has had many regular guests, including groups and vacationers, who return repeatedly.

Facilities include

  • Accommodations for up to 250 people
  • Views from all meeting rooms
  • "Walk and Talk" trail
  • Proximity to the ocean
  • AV and IT equipment
  • 40 rooms
  • 5-holiday apartments
  • 8-holiday cabins

Fun fact

In Sweden, a holy woman lived in the woods. In her loneliness, she was assaulted, killed, and thrown into the sea. Her body floated on a rock to Sealand and landed under a cliff. When she was found there, her body could not be carried up the steep slope of the ridge. But the cliff broke apart so people could walk up into the field. A spring then sprang up where the body was first laid. The body was supposed to be taken to Tisvilde Cemetery.

However, when the bearers cursed and spoke obscenely along the way, the stretcher became so heavy that they could not carry it, and it sank deep into the ground. The place is now called Helene's Tomb, located near Sankt Helene, and a chapel was built there in the 15th century.

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